2013 R&D 100 Winner
NevadaNano MPSDifferential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is a standard method for characterizing protein stability, but has been limited by slow scan rates of up to one hour per sample, as well as the need for large amounts of expensive sample material. A compact, flow-through sensor developed by a team headed by NevadaNano may offer a solution by enabling small-volume, high-throughput protein stability screening. The company’s Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS) is a multiple-sensor, single silicon chip capable of measuring fundamental molecular properties of solid, liquid and vapor samples. By employing several techniques, such as DSC, chemisorption and thermogravimetric analysis, in the same device, MPS achieves higher specificity and lower false-positive rates when identifying unknown samples. The size of a few grains of lake sand, the chip contains a flow-through window the width of two human hairs packaged with a dual-core processor. A custom operating system and electronics for sensor interrogation and data capture complete the design, which improves sample transfer and interaction efficiency. The small-volume heating rate is 750 times faster than the fastest liquid calorimeter, and the sample volume is over 100 times smaller than that used in other commercially available instruments.

Multiple-sensor, single chip

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EigenVector Research Inc.

Development Team

NevadaNano's Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS) development team (l-r): Ralph Whitten, Jesse Adams, Steven Malekos, Ben Rogers, Lee Deal.


The Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS) Development Team
Jesse Adams, Principal Developer, NevadaNano
Ralph Whitten, NevadaNano
Lee Deal, NevadaNano
Ben Rogers, NevadaNano
Steven Malekos, NevadaNano
Steve Myers, Mindtribe
Adam Rothschild, Mindtribe
Jerry Ryle, Mindtribe
Mike Ho, Mindtribe
Dave Halbert, IP Solutions
Gary Marks, IP Solutions
Dave Mora, IP Solutions
Barry Wise, EigenVector Research Inc.
Neil Gallagher, EigenVector Research Inc.
Randall Bishop, EigenVector Research Inc.