2013 R&D 100 Winner
V-shaped External Cavity Laser Diode Array (VECLDA)Broad-area laser diode arrays offer high electrical power conversion efficiency (from 50 to 70%), up to 100 W of light power and are relatively inexpensive to fabricate. However, the diodes in the array suffer from multi-transverse mode emission, which means that phase-locking is impossible. This limits beam quality and brightness. Oak Ridge National Laboratory invented an efficient method to extract a high-quality optical beam from a broad-area laser array by using a V-shaped (off-axis) external optical cavity. This technology, built into the V-shaped External Cavity Laser Diode Array (VECLDA), provides narrow spectral linewidth and high coherent power. The cavity provides phase-locking capability through the entire array, and the addition of coherent laser radiation emissions. The current version provides a broader wavelength tunable range than competing products, up to 10 nm, and an opportunity for scalable power.

Laser diode array

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Development Team

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's V-shaped External Cavity Laser Diode Array (VECLDA) development team (l-r): Bo Liu, Yun Liu, Yehuda Braiman.


The V-shaped External Cavity Laser Diode Array (VECLDA) Development Team from Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bo Liu, Principal Developer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Yehuda Braiman
Yun Liu