2013 R&D 100 Winner
Titanium dioxide has a substantial impact on the hiding performance of paint, which often leads to heavy usage during product formulation. However, performance comes at a cost because titanium dioxide is often the most expensive and energy-intensive component of the paint product. Also, incremental scattering improvement decreases at high-TiO2 loading due to pigment crowding. In an effort to reduce this dependence, The Dow Chemical Co. has developed a new binder, called EVOQUE Pre-Composite Polymer Technology, which interacts with the surface of titanium dioxide to improve dispersal. Particles are forced into a more ordered distribution, improving the scattering efficiency at much lower loadings. Ordering leads to better hiding despite using 15% less weight-by-volume of titanium dioxide.

Pre-composite polymer technology

The Dow Chemical Co.

Development Team

The EVOQUE Pre-Composite Polymer Technology development team from Dow Chemical Co.


The EVOQUE Pre-Composite Polymer Technology Development Team from The Dow Chemical Co.
Dan Bors, Principal Developer
Linda Admson
James Bohling
Stan Brownell
Beth Cooper
Dave Fasano
Melinda Keefe
Dave Kelly
Lisa Manus
Al Maurice
Tom Tepe
Yogesh Tiwary
Qing Zhang