2013 R&D 100 Winner
Carbtex DiamondownWhen consumers purchase clothing for outdoor activities, they typically care about comfort.

The first innovation in thermal-management clothing since 3M’s Thinsulate in the 1970s, Carbtex Technology Inc.’s Diamondown Thermal Clothing is the first base-layer clothing that effectively manages wearers’ comfort over long periods of exposure, even in extreme temperatures of -50 F. The clothes are made from yarn and fabrics containing the Carbtex Fiber, a flexible biregional carbonaceous fiber which effectively manages all three ways that body heat is transferred: air movement or convection, lightweight material conduction and radiant heat. The fabric blocks convective and conductive heat transfer and radiant energy transfer at all wavelengths, resulting in total savings of up to 91% of the possible heat loss. The fabric also prevents accumulation of perspiration by transporting liquids away from the body using microevaportive cooling. Carbtex has nearly doubled the thermal resistance of any other polymer or natural product insulation on the market.

Comfort-management clothing

Carbtex Technology Inc.
Auburn Univ.
Leading Edge Ventures LLC

Development Team

Carbtex Technology Inc.'s Diamondown development team (l-r): Francis McCullough, Cynthia Gaar, Jacqueline Ogden.


Prof. David Hall, Auburn Univ., Dept. of Polymer & Fiber Engeering David Maruna, Leading Edge Ventures LLC Charles Binkelman, Carbtex Technology Inc. Jeff Boyd, Carbtex Technology Inc.


The Diamondown Development Team
Francis McCullough, Principal Developer, Carbtex Technology Inc.
Charles Binkelman, Cartbtex Technology Inc.
Jeff Boyd, Carbtex Technology Inc.
Cynthia Gaar, Carbtex Technology Inc.
David Hall, Auburn Univ.
David Maruna, Leading Edge Ventures LLC
Peter Nicoletti, Carbtex Technology Inc.
Jacqui Ogden, Cartbtex Technology Inc.