2013 R&D 100 Winner
P&P Optica PPO SWIR SpectrometerOften, industrial process control applications rely on analytical instrumentation for off-line analysis of products. On-line analysis is much faster, but effective tools like optical spectroscopy are difficult to integrate owing to the wide variety of illumination, interfacing and modalities for a given task. P&P Optica Inc. has developed the PPO SWIR Spectrometer to specifically address industrial process monitoring needs. Covering the near-infrared to short-wavelength infrared (800 to 2500 nm) range, P&P Optica’s spectrometer is able to sort materials up to 2-m away from the system, on conveyor belts that are 2 m wide, stacked 40 cm high and moving at a speed of 3 m/sec. The PPO SWIR Spectrometer’s advantage is the use of broadband gel gratings that offer an average absolute diffraction efficiency greater than 75%. Equivalent-ruled and holographic gratings have an average efficiency of around 35% in a similar configuration.

SWIR spectrometer

P&P Optica Inc.

Development Team

The PPO SWIR Spectrometer Development Team from P&P Optica Inc.
Romuald Pawluczyk, Principal Developer
Olga Pawluczyk, Principal Developer