2013 R&D 100 Winner
LT NanoprobeAnalysis of the electrical properties of nanostructures is crucial for the successful development of practical materials that take advantage of atomic-scale properties. Examination at this size regime can be accomplished with a variety of instrumentation, but few tools are as flexible and potent as a nanoprobe system. Oxford Instruments Omicron Nanoscience’s LT Nanoprobe, for example, offers four individual and independent ultra-high-vacuum scanning probe microscopes (SPMs) to permit precise nanoscale electrical transport measurements. The SPMs act as fine electrical probes, enabling SPM, scanning tunneling microscopy, scanning tunneling spectroscopy and atom manipulation. A specially designed bath cryostat allows tip navigation using scanning electron microscopy, and superconducting leads minimize thermal load in the magnetic coil. The key addition to this instrument is the QPlus non-contact atomic force microscopy mode that is particularly used in locating and studying the electrical properties of nanostructures on insulating substrates.


Oxford Instruments Omicron Nanoscience
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

Development Team

The LT Nanoprobe Development Team
Bernd Gunther, Principal Developer, Oxford Instruments Omicron NanoScience
Albrecht Feltz, Principal Developer, Oxford Instruments Omicron NanoScience