2013 R&D 100 Winner
InSEM HTHigh-temperature testing of micro- and nanoscale materials has been limited by deleterious effects like oxidation or thermal drift. Despite this constraint on temperature level, the demand for this type of analysis means that heating stages are optional on many commercially available nanoindentation systems. Nanomechanics Inc. has improved available options with the introduction of the InSEM HT Mechanical Properties Microprobe, which, for the first time, allows materials testing under load up to 500 C in an electron microscope or other vacuum environment. The InSEM HT nanoindenter functions through contact measurement. The core mechanical component is an actuating transducer that applies the load and measures displacement using a three-plate capacitive displacement sensor. The system offers three testing implementation options: dynamic, in situ and high temperature. With a peak load of 30 mN, and a resolution of 3 nN, InSEM HT offers three times the dynamic range of competing systems.


Nanomechanics Inc.

Development Team

Nanomechanics Inc.'s InSEM HT development team. Back row (l-r): Sam Bacon, Mike Drake. Front row (l-r): Rich Anthony, Warren Oliver.


The InSEM HT Development Team from Nanomechanics Inc.
Warren Oliver, Principal Developer
Rich Anthony
Sam Bacon
Mike Drake