2013 R&D 100 Winner
Hinds Instruments' 150XT Mueller PolarimeterAs the diversity of consumer products and research applications in complex electro-optic materials expands, the tools used to examine these materials must match in diversity and exceed in precision. Hinds Instruments’ 150XT Mueller Polarimeter is a high-speed polarimeter utilizing four photoelastic modulators (PEMs) to completely measure the polarization optical properties of a sample to parts per ten thousand. This new level of precision is enabled by the true first order polarization modulation provided by the stable high-quality performance of PEMs. By measuring 16 frequency components, the 16 elements of the Mueller matrix can be measured from a single data set collected in less than a hundredth of a second.

Mueller polarimeter

Hinds Instruments Inc.

Development Team

Hinds Instruments Inc.'s 150XT Mueller Polarimeter development team (l-r): Hugh Runyan, Bob Wang, Andy Leadbetter, Chad Mansfield, John Freudenthal.


New York Univ.'s 150XT Mueller Polarimeter development team (l-r): Oriol Arteaga and Bart Kahr.


The 150XT Mueller Polarimeter Development Team
John Freudenthal, Principal Developer, Hinds Instruments Inc.
Oriol Arteaga, New York Univ.
Bart Kahr, New York Univ.
Bob Lakanen, Hinds Instruments Inc.
Andy Leadbetter, Hinds Instruments Inc.
Chad Mansfield, Hinds Instruments Inc.
Hugh Runyan, Hinds Instruments Inc.
Baoliang Wang, Hinds Instruments Inc.