2013 R&D 100 Winner
Thermo Scientific EASY-SprayNanoflow liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry is used for qualitative and quantitative proteomics studies due to its high sensitivity. However, traditional nanoflow operation can be unreliable, and small imperfections when making connections between the tubing, column, high-voltage electrode and emitter can result in irreproducible results.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.’s EASY-Spray nano-electrospray ion source addresses this through the use of specifically designed devices in which the separation column, heater, high-voltage electrode and emitter are integrated in a ready-made assembly. The columns feature nanoViper finger-tight connections that eliminate the assembly of PEEK sleeve connections and are capable of withstanding pressures up to 1,000 bar. Spray optimization is straightforward with a simple adjustment knob to position the column within the source.

In addition, elimination of dead volumes in the columns increases the efficiency and resolution, producing ultrasharp peaks. The incorporation of on-column temperature control provides excellent column-to-column reproducibility.

Nano-electrospray ion source

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Development Team

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.'s Thermo Scientific EASY-Spray development team (l-r): Olm Vorm, Peter Soendergaard, Thomas Gork, Christian Ravnsborg, Jesper Matthiesen, Ole Madsen, Soeren Therodorsen, Peter Nielsen, Alexandre Podtelejnikov, Michael Andersen.


The EASY-Spray Development Team from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Peter Nielsen, Principal Developer
Dafydd Milton
Christian Ravnsborg
Remco Swart
Olm Vorm