2013 R&D 100 Winner
Adelphi Tech's High Flux Fast Neutron Source Model DD109XAnalysis of nuclear materials using fast neutron sources has become more common. Greater intensity, or flux (neutrons per unit area), of these sources ensures more effective analysis. However, in current devices samples must be placed a distance from the neutron source emitter where the flux of the fast neutron is small. The “High Flux Fast Neutron Source” Model DD-109X, introduced by Adelphi Technology Inc. and the Univ. of Florida, changes that by positioning the sample to be irradiated in the acceleration chamber next to the high-voltage target that produces the fast neutrons. This produces fluxes of fast neutrons that are 10 to 100 times greater than those produced by alternatives that use the same deuterium-deuterium fusion reaction. This is high enough to analyze fissile materials, and permits long-term analysis. Long life also reduces operating costs.

High-flux fast neutron source

Adelphi Technology Inc.
Univ. of Florida

Development Team

Adelphi Technology Inc. "High Flux Fast Neutron Source" Model DD-109X development team (l-r): Melvin A. Piestrup, Richard H. Pantell, Jack L. Harris, Charles K. Gary.


Univ. of Florida "High Flux Fast Neutron Source" Model DD-109X development team (l-r): Heejun Chung and Kelly A. Jordan.


The “High Flux Fast Neutron Source” Model DD-109X Development Team
Jakko Hannes Vainionpaa, Principal Developer, Adelphi Technology Inc.
Charles Gary, Adelphi Technology Inc.
Jack Harris, Adelphi Technology Inc.
Kelly Jordan, Univ. of Florida
Melvin Piestrup, Adelphi Technology Inc.
Dominick Raetz, Univ of Florida