2013 R&D 100 Winner
Olympus IX3 Inverted Microscope SeriesInverted benchtop microscopes are a staple of research laboratories. But the long-trusted architecture of these instruments has been slow to adapt to the proliferation of optics and filters that currently must be fitted peripherally in a manner that can slow research and clutter bench space. The Olympus IX3 Inverted Microscope Series offers a way to streamline both workspace and workflow by introducing an architecture that gives users access to the light path. Developed by Olympus America Inc. and Olympus Nagano Co. Ltd., the instrument line is available with one or two open bays for add-on devices such as prisms or fluorescence filter cubes. The modules insert directly into the infinity light path at the base of the microscope, giving researchers the ability to conduct several types of analysis without changing the instrument’s configuration.

Inverted microscope

Olympus America Inc.

Development Team

The Olympus IX3 Inverted Microscope Series Development Team
Masayoshi Karasawa, Principal Developer
Masahito Dohi
Shinsuke Kaneki
Akihiro Kitahara
Yasuko Nakazato