2013 R&D 100 Winner
SPECTOR-HT Ion Beam Deposition SystemAmong the deposition techniques available to developers of thin-film material, ion beam sputtering is highly valued for its ability to provide excellent layer thickness control, enhanced process stability and low optical losses. Veeco Instruments Inc. builds on this reputation with the industry’s first fully automated ion beam sputtering tool, the SPECTOR-HT Ion Beam Deposition System. Used to apply thin layers of coatings to increase or decrease the optical transmission on a lens or optical flat, the SPECTOR-HT is equipped with a powerful ion source, a high-voltage extraction system and a large substrate holder. The first two features lead to a high removal rate of material from the target. The latter leads to large part volumes which can be coated each time. These design measures allow SPECTOR-HT to achieve a 400% increase in system throughput, bringing it on par with physical vapor deposition. It also offers a 300% increase in target material utilization and 50% better material uniformity as compared to other equipment.

Ion beam deposition system

Veeco Instruments Inc.

Development Team

Veeco Instrument's SPECTOR-HT Ion Beam Deposition System development team.


The SPECTOR-HT Ion Beam Deposition System Development Team from Veeco Instruments Inc.
Tom Ramin, Principal Developer
Tolga Erguder
Alan Felker
Jason George
Jim Kraus
Ove Lyngnes
Aiko Ode
Binyamin Rubin
Dan Siegfried
Scott Townsend