2013 R&D 100 Winner
Xerox CiPress 325 Production Inkjet SystemMany high-speed printing technologies rely on the use of water-based inks, which are resource-intensive to produce and complicate the printing through the necessary drying process. They are also susceptible to migration as they dry, creating fuzziness. Xerox Innovation Group has created a solid, or waterless, ink technology that it has implemented in the Xerox CiPress 325 Production Inkjet System. Made from a polymeric phase change resin, the ink is hard and solid at room temperature. But at elevated temperatures within the inkjet printhead, it is a molten liquid that is deposited on top of (rather than dried into) paper and hardens instantly. Ink is dispensed at 39,000 drops per second, and the four-color system has 56 piezomechanical print head and 50,000 jets. A 600-dpi Intelligent Scan Bar sensor monitors the paper, or web, to check image quality and uniformity.

Production inkjet system

Xerox Innovation Group

Development Team

Xerox Innovation Group's Xerox CiPress 325 Production Inkjet System development team. Back row (l-r): Mark Schommer, Mike Gumina, Rob Reed, Rob Rosdahl, Bob Standing, Jarrod Young, Ellery Wong, Joe Fillion, Roger Aurio, Vivek Jaganathan, Mark Adiletta, Jim Kitchen, Jay Giacobbi, Piotr Sokolowski, Elvin Gonzalez, Antariksh De, Jeff Gramowski, Jim Calamita, Bill Vogt, Matt McLaughlin, Marc Rene, Dave Tillou, John Baldwin, Roman Stefak. Front row (l-r): Chrck Aleese, Suraj Kumar, Pat Donaldson, Pat Medina, Fan Shi, Siang-Yee Lee, Chris Weber, Debbie Gualteri, Michael Atiles, Luis Santiago, Joe Vetromile.


Xerox Innovation Group's Xerox CiPress 325 Production Inkjet System development team. Back row (l-r): Jason LeFevre, Mark Van Dellon, Larry Floyd, Dan Hann, Jeff Folkins, Lee Anne Williams, Charlie Rizzolo, Mike Leo, Alex Fioravanti, Mike Leo, Alex Fioravanti. Front row (l-r): Dave VanKouwenberg, Dave Mantell, Howear Mizes, Mike Mongeon, Dan McVeigh, Majgan Rabbani, Jim Beachner, Helen Shin, Mike Leo, Linn Hoover.


The Xerox CiPress 325 Production Inkjet System Development Team from Xerox Innovation Group
Wayne Buchar, Principal Developer
Jeff Folkins, Pricipal Developer
Jim Larson, Principal Developer
Mark Adiletta
Alex Brougham
James Chappell
Ray Clark
Tim Cole
Brian Conrow
Dave Craig
Pat Donaldson
Jan Enderle
Yongsoon Eun
Daniel Gates
Jess Gentner
Debbie Gualtieri
Jason LeFevre
Roger Leighton
Mike Levy
Michael Leo
Dave Lomenzo
David Mantell
Joe Mastrandrea
Paul McConville
Howard Mizes
Michael Mongeon
Matt Ochs
Mojgan Rabbani
Charlie Rizzolo
Paul Robinson
Gary Roscoe
Rob Rosdahl
Michael Severin
Mike Severn
Joseph Shelflin
Helen Shin
James Spense
Jim Stevens
Christine Steurrys
Doug Sundquist
Dave Tence
Jay Thomas
Roger Triplett
James Williams
LeAnne Williams
Vincent Williams
Dave Vanbortel
Joe Vetromile
Enrique Viturro
Juliet Zhang
Kostantinos Ziogas