2013 R&D 100 Winner
JFE HIPERNatural gas is transported from wells to processing plants or distribution centers by large networks of expensive pipeline. Cost reductions in pipeline construction is an area of great interest, and a promising solution is to use tougher linepipes. These are typically made from higher-yield-strength steel that allows thinner walls, lighter weight and reduced tonnage costs.

JFE Steel Corp. has used a recently developed engineering method called strain-based design (SBD) to elevate the deformation strength of its HIPER linepipes and produce even greater strength combined with low weight. Constructed using a new plate production process that combines a heat treatment on-line process with an on-line accelerated cooling system installed in 2011, the X80-grade HIPER linepipes offer a yield strength of more than 550 MPa. This represents a substantial 100-MPa strength advantage over more common X65-grade steel.


JFE Steel Corp.

Development Team

JFE Steel Corp.'s HIPER development team (l-r): Mitsuhiro Okatsu, Joe Kondo, Ryuji Muraoka, Nobuhisa Suzuki, Seishi Tsuyama, Shigeru Endo, Nobuyuki Ishikawa, Takuya Murakami.


The HIPER Development Team from JFE Steel Corp.
Shigeru Endo, Principal Developer
Nobuyuki Ishikawa
Joe Kondo
Ryuji Muraoka
Mitsuhiro Okatsu
Nobuhisa Suzuki
Seishi Tsuyama