2013 R&D 100 Winner
LLNL Laser SHIELDHigh-energy lasers require accurate knowledge of pulse shape in order to maintain safe operating conditions for laser amplifiers and target optics. At the National Ignition Facility (NIF), the process of screening energetic pulses can often take up to a day, requiring measurements at check points located throughout an area equal to three football fields. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has developed an accelerated high-throughput pulse screener, Laser SHIELD (Screening at High-throughput to Identify Energetic Laser Distortion), that can identify harmful pulses across 48 locations using a single, real-time 34-GHz oscilloscope. Energetic pulse shapes from any location in NIF are imprinted onto telecom wavelengths, multiplexed and transported over fiber without distortion. The critical pulse-screening process at high-energy laser facilities can be reduced from 12 hrs to less than a second, saving time, money and allowing greater long-term flexibility.

Laser pulse screener

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Development Team

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Laser SHIELD development team.


The Laser SHIELD Development Team from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Corey Bennett, Principal Developer
Mark Bowers, Principal Developer
Jason Chou, Principal Developer
Vincent Hernandez, Principal Developer
Larry Peltz, Principal Developer
Adrian Barnes
Don Browning
Tracy Budge
Leyen Chang
Kim Christensen
Alex Deland
Jean-Michel DiNicola
Gaylen Erbert
John Heebner
Jeff Jarboe
Ernesto Padilla
Matthew Rever
Anthony Rivera
Mike Shaw
Larry Smith
Kevin Williams
Nan Wong