2013 R&D 100 Winner
Lightsheet Z.1Imaging of live, large-scale biological specimens is an important application for biological research. This is typically done using fluorescence microscopes that must achieve high resolution and clarity without damaging the specimen. The Lightsheet Z.1 fluorescence microscopy system from Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC is specifically designed to protect the health and integrity of specimens. The first commercially available microscope to incorporate light sheet fluorescence illumination for long-term imaging, the Lightsheet Z.1 uses a unique vertical sample presentation which allows multiple angles of view. Rotation of the sample combined with multi-view reconstruction allows the acquisition of an isotropic point spread function (PSF) in contrast to the axially spread PSF obtained from a typical epi-illumination microscope. Resolution is improved in areas that are typically weak for other microscopes. CMOS detectors offer greater speed and sensitivity than point detectors on other microscopes; a water-immersion objective lens eliminates coverslip-mounted samples, which further protects against sample photo damage.

Fluorescence microscopy system

Carl Zeiss Microscopy

Development Team

The Lightsheet Z.1 Development Team from Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC
Jorg-Michael Funk, Principal Developer
Helmut Lippert, Principal Developer
Olaf Selchow, Principal Developer