2013 R&D 100 Winner
Fluxion Biosciences' IsoFlux SystemMost cancers disseminate small amounts of tumor cells from the primary tumor into the blood circulation. These cells, called circulating tumor cells (CTCs), may offer critical insight into the nature of a patient’s disease and offer a far less invasive alternative to surgical biopsy. Yet, conventional diagnostic instruments aren’t sensitive enough to retrieve these cells.

To help meet this challenge, Fluxion Biosciences developed the IsoFlux System, which isolates CTCs and prepares them for molecular analysis. The system uses a microfluidic cartridge and immunomagnetic beads to isolate rare target cells of interest. Magnetic beads are added to the blood sample and bind to the rare cells using a highly specific antibody chemistry applied to the beads. As the sample passes through the microfluidic cartridge, which focuses flow to increase sensitivity, it passes through an isolation zone where an external magnetic field is applied. The rare target cells (with magnetic beads attached) are attracted to the upper surface of the cartridge, while the remaining cells (without magnetic beads) flow into a waste well.

Cancer cell detection

Fluxion Biosciences Inc.

Development Team

The IsoFlux System Development Team from Fluxion Biosciences Inc.
Christian Ionescu-Zanetti, Principal Developer
Michael Schwartz, Principal Developer
Wilson Toy, Principal Developer
Jody Beecher
Andrea Fan
Tony Tran