2013 R&D 100 Winner
PureForge Brake RotorsDisc brakes are standard issue on most vehicles these days. But not all discs, or rotors, are made equal. In addition to size, brake rotors can perform differently based on the type of material used in their construction. PureForge brake rotors, designed by PureForge are engineered to improve braking effectiveness in law enforcement vehicles by adopting a new forging process. A computer-controlled atomic-forged process creates a molecular bonding of select exotic metals and other elements, forging a pre-determined and distinct number of atomic layers both sub-stratum and above the surface of the 420 stainless steel substrate brake rotor. The result is a latticed, multilayer and ultradense metal matrix that resists any rotor wear, even over 40,000 miles. During the braking process the brake pad presses against the rotor, transferring material to the rotor surface. This quickly builds a continuous layer of working surfaces on the brake rotor, creating a bonding and rebonding effect that significantly increases the friction required to stop the vehicle.

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Development Team

PureForge brake rotors development team from PureForge.


The PureForge brake rotors Development Team from PureForge
Nathan Meckel, Principal Developer
Joe Castaneda
Greg Chess
Wayne Land
Dan Prasad
Tim Southards
David Sulli
Douglas Wall
Scott Wall