2013 R&D 100 Winner
NCD Technologies TechnologyDemand for precise but efficient and durable micromachining solutions has prompted intensive research into better protective surfaces and coatings for machine tools. Diamond coatings offer a proven blend of toughness and smoothness, but producing these films can be problematic. NCD Technologies, with the assistance of Argonne National Laboratory, has introduced a new chemical process for applying diamond coatings that avoids standard acid-etching treatments that weaken the tool. The method, called DCM2, employs an advanced plasma-based ion implantation process that enhances the carbon saturation at the surface of the cutting tool, creating an embedded zone of nucleation sites primed for subsequent diamond growth. A cobalt diffusion barrier hinders the tendency for cobalt to poison diamond growth, and the process improves the adhesion of coating to the substrate.

Diamond coatings

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Patrick Heaney, Principal Developer, NCD Technologies
Andrew Herian, Principal Developer, NCD Technologies
Justin Segersten, Principal Developer, NCD Technologies
Anirudha Sumant, Argonne National Laboratory