2013 R&D 100 Winner
Minimox Self-Protective Alloy TreatmentMany metal alloys feature the addition of rare earth elements to improve surface properties at high temperature. Material Interface Inc. has exploited this approach as part of its development of the Minimox Self-Protective Alloy Treatment. This water-based solution reduces alloy oxidation and spallling at elevated temperatures or in corrosive atmospheres. Best described as a surface dopant than a traditional coating, Minimox consists of monodispersed, reactive element nanoparticles, surfactants and water. Engineered particles interact with the alloy to stimulate the formation of thermal oxides that are different in structure and chemistry than normally produced oxides. Developed in conjunction with the Materials Technology Institute, Minimox is an economical treatment applicable to a wide variety of alloys.

Self-protective alloy treatment

Materials Interface Inc.
Materials Technology Institute

Development Team

The Minimox Self-Protective Alloy Treatment Development Team
Susan Kerber, Principal Developer, Material Interface Inc.
Bill Watkins, Materials Technology Institute