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R&D 100 Winners

Press release: R&D Editors Announce 2013 R&D 100 Awards 

The 2013 R&D 100 Award Winners are listed below in alphabetical order by the name of the primary developer company.

Primary Developer
2013 R&D 100 Winning Technology (Category)
Abbott Absorb Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (Life Sciences)  
Adelphi Technology Inc. “High Flux Fast Neutron Source” Model DD-109X (Beam Instruments) Univ. of Florida
Agilent Technologies Express Test (Electronic Instrumentation) Nanomechanics Inc.
Agilent Technologies Infiniium 90000 Q-Series Oscilloscope (Electronic Instrumentation) Infiniium R&D
Agilent Technologies International Japan Ltd. Agilent 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS (ICP-QQQ) (Analytical Instrumentation)  
Argonne National Laboratory Miraj Diamond Platform (Thin Film & Vacuum Technologies) AKHAN Technologies Inc.
Argonne National Laboratory The Rhodobacter Membrane Protein Expression System (Life Sciences)  
Argonne National Laboratory Nanocomposite Charge Drain Coatings (Thin Film & Vacuum Technologies) KLA-Tencor Corp.
Battelle Memorial Institute Proteus Dual Mode Underwater Vehicle (Mechanical Systems) The Columbia Group – Engineering Solutions Div.
Bluefin Robotics Corporation
Bausch + Lomb Biotrue ONEday lenses (Consumer Products)  
Carbtex Technology Diamondown (Consumer Products) Leading Edge Ventures  LLC
Auburn Univ.
Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC Lightsheet Z.1 microscope imaging system (Imaging) Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
Da Vinci Emissions Services Ltd. Da Vinci Fuel-in-Oil (DAFIO) Measurement System (Environmental Technologies) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cummins Inc.
Decision Sciences International Corporation Multi-Mode Passive Detection System (MMPDS) (Safety & Security) Los Alamos National Laboratory
EMD Millipore Direct Detect (Analytical Instruments)  
Fluxion Biosciences Inc. IsoFlux System (Life Sciences)  
General Motors Global R&D Center Shape memory polymer based smart reversible adhesive systems (Materials Science)  
Hinds Instruments Inc. 150XT Mueller Polarimeter (Laboratory Equipment) New York Univ.
Hybrid Plastics Inc. UV1900B – UV White 100% Solids Paint (Chemicals) J.H. Hinz Company
Idaho National Laboratory Switchable Polarity Solvent Forward Osmosis (SPS FO) (Environmental Technologies)  
Industrial Technology Research Institute iAT technology (Electrical Device)  
Industrial Technology Research Institute ButyFix (Energy Technology)  
Industrial Technology Research Institute FluxMerge (Mechanical Systems)  
Institute for Information Industry BestLINK (Communications) K-Best Technology Inc.
Institute for Information Industry CraneAbide (Information Technologies)  
JFE Steel Corporation HIPER (Mechanical Systems)  
Keithley Instruments Model 2657A High Power System SourceMeter SMU Instrument (Electronic Instrumentation)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Bacteriophage Power Generator (Energy Technology) Univ. of California, Berkeley
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Universal Smart Window Coating (Energy Technology) Heliotrope Technologies Inc.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Optically-detected Oil Well Logging by MRI (OWL-MRI) (Environmental Technologies)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley Lab Campanile Probe (Imaging) Univ. of California, Berkeley
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory High-Throughput NIMS Screening (HT-NIMS) (Analytical Instruments) Nextval Inc.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Conducting Polymer Binder for High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries (Materials Sciences)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory On-demand Secure Circuits and Advance Reservation System (OSCARS) 0.6 (Software) ESnet
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory DNA TRAX: DNA Tagged Reagents for Aerosol eXperiments (Environmental Technologies)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Movie Mode Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscope (MM-DTEM) (Imaging) Integrated Dynamic Electron Solutions (IDES)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Efficient Mode-Converters for High-Power Fiber Amplifiers (Lasers & Photonics)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Laser SHIELD (Screening at High-throughput to Identify Energetic Laser Distortion) (Lasers & Photonics)  
Los Alamos National Laboratory MiniMAX (Miniature, Mobile, Agile X-ray system) (Beam Instruments) Leica Camera AG
JDS Uniphase
JENOPTIK Optical Systems LLC
Los Alamos National Laboratory KiloPower (Energy Technology) NASA Glenn Research Center
National Security Technologies
Material Interface Inc. Minimox Self-Protective Alloy Treatment (Process Science) Materials Technology Institute
Materials & Electrochemical Research (MER) Corporation Refractory Metal Coated Copper (Mechanical Systems)  
Metal Industries Research and Development Centre Coin Type Motor (Motor on Board) (Mechanical Systems) National Cheng Kung Univ.
Milliken & Co. Conceal Camouflage Technology (Materials Science) SSZ Camouflage Technology AG
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Photoacoustic Sensing of Explosives (PHASE) (Safety & Security)  
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Structured Knowledge Space (SKS) (Software)  
NanoMech Inc. TuffTek (Materials Science) Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering at the Univ. of Arkansas
National Science Foundation (NSF)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Nanomechanics Inc. In-SEM HT (Imaging)  
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Fiber Optic Sensing System (FOSS) (Communications) 4DSP
NASA Glenn Research Center NASA/Harris Ka-Band Software-Defined Radio (SDR) (Communications) Harris Corporation
NASA Johnson Space Center Robo-Glove (Mechanical Systems) General Motors
National Energy Technology Laboratory Arc Position Sensing Technology (Electronic Instrumentation) ATI
National Energy Technology Laboratory BlackGold (Materials Science) MDS Coating Technologies Corporation
Delta Air Lines
National Institute of Standards and Technology Quantitative Hybrid Metrology (Imaging)  
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Image-Processing Occupancy Sensor (IPOS) (Electrical Device)  
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Isothermal Battery Calorimeters (IBCs) (Energy Technology) NETZSCH Instrument North America, LLC
NCD Technologies NCD Technologies Plus coating (Materials Science) Argonne National Laboratory
NevadaNano Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS) (Analytical Instruments) Mindtribe
IP Solutions
Eigen Vector Research Incorporated
Newlight Technologies LLC AirCarbon (Materials Sciences)  
ClimateMaster ClimateMaster Trilogy 40 Q-Mode geothermal heat pump (Energy Technology) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge National Laboratory ADIOS: Adaptable I/O System for Big Data (Information Technologies) Georgia Institute of Technology
Rutgers Univ.
North Carolina State Univ.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distribute The Highest Selected Textual Recommendation (DTHSTR) (Information Technologies)  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory V-shaped External Cavity Laser Diode Array (VECLDA) (Lasers & Photonics)  
Olympus America Inc. Olympus IX3 Inverted Microscope Series (Imaging) NAGANO OLYMPUS CO. LTD.
Orthocare Innovations Magellan MFA (Magellan Microprocessor Foot Ankle System) (Life Sciences)  
Oxford Instruments Omicron NanoScience LT NANOPROBE (Imaging Technologies) Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
P&P Optica Inc. PPO SWIR Spectrometer (Analytical Instrumentation)  
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Combined Orthogonal Mobility & Mass Evaluation Technology (CoMet) (Analytical Instrumentation)  
Phenomenex Inc. Phree Phospholipid Removal Plates (Laboratory Equipment)  
PID Analyzers LLC Model 33 Arsenic in Water & Food Analyzer (Laboratory Equipment)  
Point Source Power Inc. VOTO (Energy Technology) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
PolarOnyx Inc. Uranus Series – 50 micro-J 1 MHz High Energy Femtosecond Fiber Laser (Lasers & Photonics)  
Porous Power Technologies SYMMETRIX HPX-F (Energy Technology) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Princeton Instruments IsoPlane SCT-320 spectrograph (Analytical Instrumentation)  
Protochips Inc. Poseidon 500 (Imaging)  
PureForge PureForge brake rotors (Mechanical Systems)  
Rheem The Rheem H2AC Rooftop Unit featuring eSync Integration Technology (Mechanical Systems)  
Sandia National Laboratories Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool (SGHAT) (Safety & Security) Sandia Staffing Alliance
Sandia National Laboratories Mantevo Suite 1.0 (Software) Los Alamos National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)
Sandia National Laboratories Membrane Projection Lithography (Thin Film & Vacuum)  
Solidia Technologies Inc. Solidia Cement (Materials Science) Rutgers Univ.
TAG Optics Inc. TAGLens2.0 (Imaging)  
TetraSun Inc. TetraCell solar cells (Energy Technology)  National Renewable Energy Laboratory
TEXMat LLC Large-Area, Flexible, Single-Crystal-Like, GaAs Substrates For Epitaxial Electronic & Electrical Devices (Materials Sciences) TapeSolar
The Dow Chemical Company EVOQUE Pre-Composite Polymer Technology (Chemicals)  
The Dow Chemical Company SILVADUR (Chemicals)  
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. iCAP Q (Analytical Instrumentation)  
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. EASY-Spray (Laboratory Equipment)  
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-4000 Capillary HPIC System (Laboratory Equipment)  
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50 FT-IR Spectrometer (Analytical Instrumentation)  
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Thermo Scientific TruNarc (Analytical Instrumentation)  
Toyota Research Institute of North America Multi-Pass Branching Microchannel Cold Plate (Mechanical System)  
United Technologies Research Center Pure Storage (Energy Technology)  
University of Manchester NanoBPM (Beam Instruments)  FMB Oxford Ltd
University of Michigan High-Performance Electrostatic Comb-drive Micro-Actuators (Mechanical System)  
Veeco Instruments Inc. SPECTOR-HT Ion Beam Deposition System (Thin Film & Vacuum)  
Waters Corporation Waters ACQUITY UPC2 System (Laboratory Equipment)  
Wyss Institute, Harvard Univ. W-Ink (Materials Science)  
Xerox Corporation Xerox CiPress 325 Production Inkjet System (Process Science)  
Y-12 National Security Complex LISe (Beam Instruments) Fisk Univ.