2012 R&D 100 Winner
SW763_ANL_globusGlobus Online addresses a central problem in the emerging world of big data research: moving large quantities of information reliably, efficiently, and securely among data centers, scientific facilities, research laboratories, and supercomputing sites. The software-as-a-service offering provides an intuitive Web interface, command line interface for scripted file transfers, and a programmatic interface (using REST concepts) that enables Globus Online functionality to be integrated into other applications.

Developed by the Computation Institute – University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, the service features "file-and-forget" data movement capabilities. Once a user initiates a file transfer, the service handles the details of authenticating with the source and destination systems, configures the endpoints based on the number and size of files to be transferred, monitors progress, re-tries transfers following transient failures, and notifies the user of status changes.

To use, a researcher logs into the system using a Web browser, selects the files to be moved and a destination, and clicks a button to initiate the transfer. Globus Online coordinates a complex environment with multiple elements including GridFTP configurations, security domains, and network connectivity, handling transfers across multiple security domains with multiple user identities. The client solves the “last mile” problem in file transfer, providing a click-to-install client that creates an endpoint on the user’s machine or scientific instrument.

Data transfer service

Argonne National Laboratory
The University of Chicago

Development Team

(Standing, l-r): Jeremy Archer, Kristi Hamilton, Vytas Cuplinskas, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Lukasz Lacinski, Michael Link, Kyle Chard, Raj Kettimuthu, Dan Morgan, Stuart Martin, Jean-Paul Navarro, Bryce Allen, Steve Tuecke, Alex Kordas, Matt Lee, Ian Foster, Eric Blau, Rahul Mehta, Mike Wild, Josh Bryan, Justin Wozniak, Jack Kordas, Peter Fein, Vas Vasiliadis
(Seated): Mattias Lidman, Jonathan Portugal, Lisa Childers, Julie Wulf-Knoerzer, Patricia Perozo, Peter Hadlaw
(Front row): Bo Liu, Karl Pickett, Teresa Sutton, Gigi Rohder, Ravi Madduri, Paul Dave


The Globus Online Development Team from Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago
Ian Foster, Principal Developer
Bryce Allen
Rachana Ananthakrishnan
Jeremy Archer
Eric Blau
Josh Bryan
Kyle Chard
Lisa Childers
Vytas Cuplinskas
Paul Dave
Peter Fein
Peter Hadlaw
Kristi Hamilton
Tom Howe
Raj Kettimuthu
Jack Kordas
Lukasz Lacinski
Matt Lee
Mattias Lidman
Lee Liming
Michael Link
Bo Liu
Ravi Madduri
Stuart Martin
Rahul Mehta
Neill Miller
Dan Morgan
John-Paul Navarro
Patricia Perozo
Karl Pickett
Jonathan Portugal
Gigi Rohder
Eugene Sadhu
Mike Steder
Teresa Sutton
Steve Tuecke
Vas Vasiliadis
Mike Wild
Julie Wulf-Knoerzer
Justin Wozniak
Andrew Zich
Peter Zich