2011 R&D 100 Winner
Xeridiem PleuraFlow CatheterFollowing thoracic surgery, a chest tube is inserted into the patient to drain excess fluids, debris, and gas. The PleuraFlow Active Tube Clearance System, developed by Xeridiem Medical Devices, Tucson, Ariz.; Clear Catheter Systems Inc., Bend, Ore.; and Carbon Design Group, Seattle, is designed to keep the drainage tube open without breaking the sterile field.

The device uses a magnetically driven guide wire with a loop at the end that can remove any tube obstructions or clogging and keep the tube clear during patient recovery. A standard chest tube is sutured in place; a guide tube and shuttle, which moves the wire inside the tube, are attached to the chest tube and a drainage canister. Inside the shuttle, a hollow magnetic tube connects to a solid magnetic cylinder on the inside of the tube. A metal shield ring ensures the magnetic field is stronger to the center of the shuttle. To operate, medical staff can slide the shuttle back and forth to clear clots in the tube.

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Xeridiem Medical Devices
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Xeridiem PleuraFlow Catheter Team

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The PleuraFlow Active Tube Clearance System Development Team
Ed Boyle, Principal Developer, Clear Catheter Systems Inc.
Karl Sprague, Principal Developer, Xeridiem Medical Devices
Mike Cusak, Xeridiem Medical Devices
Nathan Dale, Carbon Design Group
Ira Duesler, Xeridiem Medical Devices
Robert Hubler, Carbon Design Group
Joseph Lee, Xeridiem Medical Devices
Paul Leonard, Carbon Design Group
Barb Mackintosh, Carbon Design Group
Upendra Puri, Xeridiem Medical Devices
Chuck Tomlinson, Xeridiem Medical Devices