2010 R&D 100 Winner
Gallileo_OrthocareInsurance payers have been reluctant to approve coverage for more advanced prosthetics due to higher cost. Self-reporting and clinical observations have proven subjective. The Galileo Functional Outcomes Assessment System changes the way patients receive insurance authorization for life changing prosthetic technologies.

Developed by Orthocare Innovations, LLC, Oklahoma City, Okla., the system uses activity monitoring-based data collection and outcome measurements based on an objective means of patient assessment. StepWatch is the primary data capture instrument for the Galileo system. The data is transmitted via the Internet to Orthocare, where a functional assessment is made using proprietary computer algorithms and databases. A “K” level assessment of the patient’s capability and potential to ambulate is established. The clinician can retrieve the analysis via the Internet.

Needs assessment tool for prosthetic

Orthocare Innovations, LLC  

Development Team
The Galileo Functional Outcomes Assessment System Development Team from Orthocare Innovations, LLC:
Kim Lisa Coleman Boone
David Boone