2006 R&D 100 Winner

The semiconductor industry continues to search for next-generation lithography (NGL) techniques equipped to print features with dimensions of 32 nm and smaller. A leading NGL candidate is extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography which uses light of 13.5 nm wavelength, less than half than that of the features to be printed at 32 nm. Indeed, EUV lithography is projected to be capable of printing features below 16 nm which would cover the needs of the industry through 2020.

In order to speed EUV development, researchers need a light source that will produce reliable, high power EUV light. The EQ-10 Series EUV Light Source, developed by Donald Smith, Paul Blackborow, Matt Besen, and Stephen Horne at Energetiq Technology, Inc., Woburn, Mass., is just such a system. The EQ-10 is an electrodeless Z-Pinch EUV light source producing 10 W of power at 13.5 nm.

Electrodeless Z-Pinch EUV light source

Energetiq Technology, Inc.

Originally published in R&D Magazine, September, 2006