2006 R&D 100 Winner

The sheer number of techniques showcased in the microscopy arena can be daunting to say the least. There is atomic force, confocal, electron, scanning probe, Raman, transmission electron, and even x-ray microscopy, just to name a few. While each of these techniques provides a unique set of results, there is a need for systems that will also have the flexibility to deliver complementary information on the objects under study, through the use of different techniques. This capability is realized in the NTEGRA Spectra, created by developers at NT-MDT Co., Moscow, Russia, and NanoTech-America, Inc., Allen, Texas.

This platform integrates scanning probe and laser confocal microscopies with Raman spectrometry to study the distribution of chemical properties with molecular resolution. Weak Raman signals are optimized through the inclusion of a choice of lasers and a dual-channel spectrometer offering a spatial resolution of 30-50 nm with enough throughput for both traditional Raman mapping and single molecule detection.

Microscopy platform

NanoTech-America, Inc.

Originally published in R&D Magazine, September, 2006