2017 was a year of triumphs and challenges across science and technology research. With new leadership in the White House, policy changes and budget cuts impacted many in R&D and controversial decisions from the Trump administration sparked debate and discussion on

At the same time we also saw many exciting breakthroughs across numerous industries, with our readers showing a particular interest in the up-and-coming fields of nanotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence. Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes—two research areas that impact many people personally—were also popular amongst R&D Magazine’s readers, as well as breakthroughs related to opioid addiction, a growing problem in the United States.

Environmental-related topics, including research regarding climate change and environmental contaminants, were also well received by our readers this past year.

Space, energy, material science, biology and life science topics—mainstays of R&D Magazine—continued to be popular in 2017 as well.

We will continue to report on these, as well as other emerging topics in R&D, as we forge ahead into 2018.

Here are the 25 best performing stories—written by both R&D Magazine staff as well as expert guest contributors—on this past year.  

1) Giant Hole in Antarctica Remains Unexplained

2) Study Finds “Night Owl” Gene Variant

3) Trump Bans EPA, USDA from Sharing Information with Press, Public

4) Oldest Human Cranium Ever Found in Portugal​

5) Nuclear Reactors to Power Space Exploration

6) Partnerships Pave the Road to Effective Alzheimer’s Drug Treatment

7) The Future Role of A.I. in the Military

8) Conch Shells Inspire New Helmets, Body Armor

9) Why Canada is Becoming a Hub for A.I. Research

10) Researchers Discover New Key to Hair Growth

11) Device Converts Heat into Electricity

12) Electromagnetic Patch Alternative to Opioids for Chronic Pain

13) Neuroscientist Cori Bargmann Named 2017 Scientist of the Year

14) Cause of Vision Deterioration in Space Determined

15) Scientists Discover How to Control Electrons in Graphene

16) Time Crystals: Non-Equilibrium Matter Discovered

17) Trigger in Type 1 Diabetes Found

18) Ground Penetrating Radar to Detect Unmarked Graves in Historic Cemeteries

19) Next Wave of Solar Cells Are Transparent

20) Trump's First Budget Proposes Big Changes for Science Research

21) Building The Next Generation of Nuclear Reactors

22) Researchers Discover Possible Key to Rejuvenating Aging Cells

23) Study Finds Women Have More Active Brains Than Men

24) Eye Scan Could Detect Alzheimer’s Before Symptoms Occur

25) Triclosan Researcher Explains Banned Antibacterial Agent's Environmental Impact