In its third year, the Readers’ Choice Awards highlight the cleanroom equipment and supplies that readers judge most effective and trusted in their work. Cleanroom equipment and product suppliers were invited to submit their products for these prestigious awards. Winners in each category were chosen based on a voting survey sent to a select group of Controlled Environments readers.

Congratulations to our 2017 winners!

Best Cleanroom Apparel Product: Hutch-Pak Polypropylene Spunbond Shoe Cover

The Hutch-Pak Polypropylene Spunbond Shoe Cover from Hutchins & Hutchins is manufactured from a lightweight, breathable, non-woven, spunbond polypropylene fabric with white, anti-skid traction markings on the sole. The entire shoe cover is 100 percent latex-free. It is a suitable shoe cover for transition between “clean” versus “unclean” areas. This disposable, single use shoe cover is made in Canada and has a classifi cation of Class 1 Medical Device. With the creation process it is ultrasonically welded with triple elastic runs, allowing for a smooth and comfortable wrap around the footwear, aiding in tripping prevention. It features several attractive physical characteristics; a light blue color, white anti-skid traction markings, and is sold in two sizes, universal and jumbo — each having a wide opening for easy don and doff . This seamless design has an anti-static agent built into its high quality, low-linting fabric with reinforced corners and edges. Model number HHS-28033 is the Universal, 6.93-in. x 6.5-in. and comes packaged in three Easy-Open Perforated Bags at 50 pairs/bag, 150 pair/CS. Model number HHS-28035-2XL is the Jumbo (2XL), 18.5-in. X 7.3-in. and comes packaged in two Easy-Pullout Dispenser Boxes at 400 units/CS. The shoe cover can be used for applications such as medical and healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical compounding, laboratories, research and development, food service, tissue banking, semiconductors, biotechnology, optical, and any other critical environment industry needing contamination control.

Best Water/Chemical/Gases and Related Equipment Product: TBS-1080 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Generation System

Standards for surface cleaning of Biosafety Cabinets (BSCs) have long been established and integrated into infection control programs (ICP). Manual disinfection is subject to human error and may be less eff ective. TBS Technologies LLC’s BSC Disinfection System ensures 100 percent contact with all exposed surfaces and provides confidence of thorough disinfection. The patented system is a safe, simple and user-friendly way to disinfect BSCs. The unit is the first Chlorine Dioxide (CD) gas generator designed in compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 49 protocol (G. Method 1) for the fixed mass of CD gas that fits inside a BSC or any small enclosed space such as isolators, pass-throughs, and incubators found in research labs and cleanrooms. The portable (12 lbs.) TBS-1080, which uses prepackaged reagent solutions, is efficient, low-cost and does not use or produce chlorine (Cl2) gas. The system is easy to use with automated activation, a large LCD screen indicating the progress of disinfection, and automated quenching and neutralization of the reaction mixture for safe drain disposal after completion. The unit is suitable for both certifiers and end users.

Best Cleanroom Consumables Product: Texwipe Cleanroom AlphaMop

The Texwipe Cleanroom AlphaMop, offered by Hutchins & Hutchins, is a large flat mop suitable for applying and removing solutions, including common disinfectants and cleaners, to clean surfaces such as ceilings, floors, and walls. It is certified for ISO Class 3 to Class 7 environments and is available in standard and autoclave safe models. The polyester padded head allows for consistent contact with different surfaces, assuring the mop cover conform for consistent cleaning. The mop can be used for applications such as microelectronics, semiconductors, and compound pharmacy.

Best Monitoring/Instrumentation Product: Active-Count100H Microbiological Sampler

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions offers its Active-Count100H Microbiological Sampler, which has both a HEPA filtered exhaust and a removable/autoclavable petri dish holder to solve cross-contamination issues. The HEPA filtered exhaust ensures that a minimum of 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 micron and larger will be filtered out prior to exiting the sampler. The patent pending removable/autoclavable petri dish holder allows for easier and more effective cleaning of the internal sampling area. The system is ISO 14698 compliant with a d50 collection efficiency of 1 micron and exhaust ports designed to avoid re-aspiration of sampled air. With a 316L stainless steel enclosure, sampling head, and dust cover as well as HEPA filtered exhaust, the system will not contaminate critical environments.