Erlab's booth at Pittcon 2016 in Atlanta held demonstrations of its new Smart Technology. (Credit: Erlab)The inventor and manufacturer of the ductless fume hood continues building on its “simpler, safer” motto by launching Smart Technology—a new concept of detection and communication designed into its products that include the Smart-Light, chemical detection, and the eGuard app for remote monitoring and notifications.

Erlab held a booth demonstration at Pittcon 2016 in Atlanta last week showing its Captair product line that is now equipped with Smart Technology.

Jesse Coiro talks filtration at a Pittcon 2016 breakfast press conference. (Credit: Anna Spiewak/R&D staff)“This new concept provides a simpler way to communicate to the lab technicians that their safety device is providing them with complete safety LED light shining across the fascia,” Jesse Coiro, Erlab’s national sales manager told R&D Magazine after holding a press conference breakfast at the event. “It’s simple and speaks all languages, if normal operation is disrupted by any of the following, the light pulses to let the user know it needs attention.”

Disruptions include:

  • Compromised hood containment—this typically happens when the sash of the fume hood is not in the proper position
  • Filtration efficiency—if a chemical breakthrough past the primary stage of molecular filtration has been detected and filters need to be replaced
  • Compromised ventilation—when there’s a mechanical failure of the fan

If any of the aforementioned actions take place, the Smart-Light will start to pulse, drawing attention to the user. Beyond this, a user could also opt to connect to the company’s new eGuard app that provides detailed information, such as visual meters airflow, fan speeds and pollution thresholds, according to Coiro.

“By removing the screen from the actual product and putting it into the hands of the lab manager or EH&S manager, we have taken the complexity away from the safety device and allowed our customer to focus on what is most important—their work,” he added. “No more guessing if they’re safe or if the product is working as designed, they now let the Smart-Light do the thinking for them.”

The company attributes the new innovation to the Erlab's expertise in molecular filtration technology along with close to half a century of “continuous research and development.”

“Erlab has lived and breathed filtration for over 46 years and are confident that filtration within the lab is the future,” Coiro concluded. “We see very limited reasons to duct pollution out to the environment, when you can safely and easily capture the issue at the source.”



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