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R&D 100 Winners

Press release: R&D Editors Announce 2011 R&D 100 Awards

The 2011 R&D 100 Award Winners are listed below in alphabetical order by the name of the primary developer company.

Primary Developer
2011 R&D 100 Winning Technology (Category)
A123 Systems Inc., USA A123 Systems Nanophosphate Engine Start Battery (Energy Devices)  
Agilent Technologies, USA Infiniium 90000 X-Series Oscilloscope (Electronic Instrumentation)  
Argonne National Laboratory, USA Advanced Ceramic Film Capacitors for Power Electronics in Electric Drive Vehicles (Electrical Devices)  
Argonne National Laboratory, USA Enhanced Renewable Methane Production System (Energy Devices) Eurisko Scientific LLC
Argonne National Laboratory, USA Integrated RF MEMS Switch/CMOS Device (Communication Technologies) MEMtronics Corporation
Innovative Micro Technologies
Peregrine Semiconductor
Advanced Diamond Technologies
Argonne National Laboratory, USA Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) System for Remote Detection of Explosives and Chemicals (Safety and Security)  
Battelle Memorial Institute, USA Resource Effective Bioidentification System (REBS) (Environmental Technologies)  
Black Box Network Services, USA VirtuaCore Desktop Virtualization Computer Sharing (Information Technologies) Fiddlehead Inc.
Brookfield Engineering Labs Inc., USA Powder Flow Tester (Laboratory Equipment) The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology, University of Greenwich
Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA Maia X-ray Microprobe Detector System  (Analytical Instruments) Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA Multimodal Optical Nanoprobe for Advanced Electron Microscopy (Imaging Technologies) Nanofactory Instruments AB
Brooks Automation Inc. USA 830 Vacuum Quality Monitor (VQM) (Analytical Instruments) Rutgers University
Bruker Nano Surfaces Division, USA Acuity XR: Enhanced-Resolution Microscopy (Imaging Technologies)  
Calabazas Creek Research Inc., USA Controlled Porosity Reservoir Cathodes (Beam Instruments) Ron Witherspoon Inc.
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging LLC, USA LSM 780 (Imaging Technologies)  
Dell Inc., USA Dell PowerEdge R810 (Information Technologies)  
Duraloy Technologies Inc., USA New Stainless Steel Alloy Tooling For High Temperature Presses that Form Aircraft Components (Process Technologies) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Energetiq Technology Inc., USA EQ-99 LDLS Laser-Driven Light Source (Lasers and Photonics)  
Excillum AB, Sweden JXS-D1 Metal Jet X-Ray Source (Beam Instruments)  
FibeRio Technology Corp.
Cyclone L-1000S and the Cyclone L-1000M Forcespinning Systems (Process Technologies) University of Texas-Pan American
GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc., USA Ultra High Voltage Silicon Carbide (SiC) Thyristor (Electrical Devices) Sandia National Laboratories
U.S. Department of Energy Energy Storage Program
GrafTech International Ltd., USA eGRAF SS1500 (Electronic Instrumentation)  
Hecus X-Ray Systems, Austria S3-MICROcaliX (Analytical Instruments) Laboratory Physico-Chimie des Systemes Polyphases, University of Paris
Institute of Biophysics and Nanosystems Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Hitachi, Yokohama Research Laboratory, Japan Picometer-Resolution Quantitative Metrology Atomic Force Microscope (QM-AFM) (Imaging Technologies)  
Idaho National Laboratory, USA Impedance Measurement Box
(Energy Devices)
Montana Tech of the University of Montana
Qualtech Systems Inc.
Motloch Consulting Inc.
Idaho National Laboratory, USA Rad-Release Chemical Decontamination Technology (Rad-Release) (Chemicals) Environmental Alternatives Inc.
Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan HyTAC (Thin-Film and Vacuum Technologies)  
Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan i2R e-Paper, ITRI re-writable and re-usable electronic paper technology (Materials Sciences)  
Institute for Information Industry (III), Taiwan In-Snergy: Cloud-based Intelligent Energy Management Technology (Energy Devices)  
Intel, USA 2010 Intel Core Processor Family (Information Technologies)  
JEOL USA Inc., USA JEOL InTouchScope (Imaging Technologies) JEOL Technics Ltd.
Keithley Instruments Inc., USA Model 4225 PMU Ultra Fast IV Module (Electronic Instrumentation)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA Magnetic Resonance Microarray Imaging (MRMI) (Imaging Technologies)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA Nanostructured Antifogging Coatings (Materials Sciences)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA Serrated Light Illumination for Deflection-Encoded Recording (SLIDER) (Imaging Technologies)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA Stack Trace Analysis Tool (STAT) (Software) University of Wisconsin
University of New Mexico
Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA NanoCluster Beacons: Shedding light on specific nucleic-acid targets (Life Sciences)  
Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA TAPSS: Trapped Annular Pressure Shrinking Spacer (Energy Devices) Chevron Energy Technology Company
Baker Hughes Incorporated (Drilling Fluids Unit)
Lucite International Ltd.
Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA Th-ING: Thorium Is Now Green (Energy Devices)  
Materials & Electrochemical Research Corp., USA Rare Earths Supermagnets (Process Technologies)  
Medtronic, USA Arctic Front Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter System (Life Sciences)  
MesoCoat Inc., USA CermaClad (Process Technologies) EMTEC
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mettler-Toledo Inc., USA Flash DSC1 (Analytical Instruments) Anatech BV
Xensor Integration BV
SciTe BV
MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA Airborne Ladar Imaging Research Testbed (ALIRT) (Imaging Technologies)  
MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA Multifunction Phased Array Radar Panel (Imaging Technologies) M/A-COM Technology Solutions
MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA Parallel Vector Tile Optimizing Library (Software)  
MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA PANTHER Bioaerosol Identification System (Environmental Technologies)  
Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Japan Compact Injection Accelerator for Proton Therapy System (Beam Instruments)  
Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Japan Diamond Vision OLED (Electrical Devices) Tohoku Pioneer Corporation
NanoSonic Inc, USA HybridSil Fire/Blast (Materials Sciences) U.S. Navy
NASA Glenn Research Center, USA Laser Pulse Stretcher (Lasers and Photonics) Ohio Aerospace Institute
NASA Glenn Research Center, USA Multi-Parameter Aerosol Scattering Sensor (MPASS) (Safety and Security) National Center for Space Exploration Research
Cleveland State University      
NASA Glenn Research Center, USA Non-Flow-Through Fuel Cell Power System (Energy Devices) Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Inc.
Qinetiq North America
McElroy PEM Technologies LLC
Callahan Engineering PLLC
NASA Goddard Space, USA MED-SEG (Imaging Technologies) Bartron Medical Imaging Inc.
NASA Langley Research Center, USA SansEC Temperature Sensor (Electrical Devices) National Institute of Aerospace
ATK Spacecraft Systems & Services
National Energy Technology Laboratory, USA APECS v2.0 with ANSYS DesignXplorer and ROM Builder (Software) ANSYS Inc.
National Energy Technology Laboratory, USA Electroplated Mn-Co Coating for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnects (Energy Devices) West Virginia University
Faraday Technology Inc.
National Energy Technology Laboratory, USA Novel platinum/chromium alloy for the manufacture of improved coronary stents (Life Sciences) Boston Scientific Corporation Inc.
Carpenter Specialty Alloys
Minitubes ZAC TechnisudAccellent Inc.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA Flash Quantum Efficiency System for Solar Cells (Energy Devices) Tau Science Corporation
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA Innovalight Silicon Ink for High-Efficiency Solar Cells (Energy Devices) Innovalight Inc.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA Optical Cavity Furnace (Energy Devices) AOS Solar Inc.
NT-MDT, Russia NanoEducator II (Imaging Technologies)  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA Hydrogen safety sensor based on nanostructured palladium cantilevers (Safety and Security) University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA MADNESS software tool (Software)  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA Mesoporous Carbon Electrode for Desalination (Materials Sciences) Campbell Applied Physics
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA NextAire Packaged Gas Heat Pump (Energy Devices) Southwest Gas Corporation
IntelliChoice Energy
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA Ultra-high Storage Density, Self-assembled, Magnetic Media (Materials Sciences)  
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA Array Detection Technology for Mass Spectrometry (ADT-MS) (Analytical Instruments) University of Arizona
Indiana University
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments/Ametek
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA Dynaforge – A Solid-State Dynamic Powder Compaction Process for Production of High-Performance Tools and Dies (Process Technologies) Carpenter Powder Products
PANalytical BV, The Netherlands

Empyrean X-ray diffractometer (Analytical Instruments)

Medipix2 Collaboration (CERN-based)
Panasonic Corp., USA Integrated Twin-Lens 3D Camera-Recorder - AG-3DA1 (Consumer Products)  
Perfinity Biosciences Inc., USA Perfinity Workstation (Analytical Instruments)
Pivotal Systems, USA Gas Flow Monitor (GFM) (Mechanical Systems)  
Plasticell Limited, UK CombiCult 2.0 (Life Sciences)  
Princeton Power Systems Inc., USA Demand Response Inverter (DRI) (Energy Devices) Sandia National Laboratories
Reinnervate Ltd., UK alvetex (Life Sciences)  
Rigol Technologies Inc., USA Rigol DS6104 Digital Oscilloscope (Electronic Instrumentation)  
RTI International, USA NLITe – Nanofiber Lighting Improvement Technology (Materials Sciences)  
RTI International Metals Inc., USA Continuously Cast Titanium Near Net Ingots (Process Technologies) U.S. Army ARDEC RDAR-MEE
American Engineering & Manufacturing
Advanced Design Industries Inc.
SAES Getters SpA, Italy NEXTorr D 100-5 Pump  (Thin-Film and Vacuum Technologies) SAES Advanced Technologies SpA
Sandia National Laboratories, USA Biomimetic Membranes for Water Purification (Environmental Technologies) University of New Mexico
Sandia National Laboratories, USA Microresonator Filters and Frequency References (Electrical Devices)  
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, USA Porous Walled, Hollow Glass Microspheres (Materials Sciences) Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing NA Inc.
Georgia Health Sciences University
Mo-Sci Corporation
Sierra Lobo Inc., USA Cryo-Force Power-Cell (Energy Devices) Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC)
Southwest Research Institute, USA Dual Coil Offset (DCO) Ignition System (Mechanical Systems)  
State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA Electricity-generating shock absorbers (Mechanical Systems)  
Stryker, USA ADM X3 Mobile Bearing Hip Acetabular System (Life Sciences)  
Sun Innovations Inc., USA Media Glass Superimaging (Imaging Technologies)  
Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Taiwan All-Foldable Fabric Ultra-Capacitor (Electrical Devices) Litnertex Co. Ltd.
Tennant Company, UK 500ZE Electric Suction Sweeper (Mechanical Systems)  
Tesla NanoCoatings Ltd., USA Teslan Carbon Nanocoating (Materials Sciences) U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA Thermo Scientific Evolution 201/220/260 UV-Visible Spectrophotometers Featuring INSIGHT and CUE Software (Analytical Instruments)  
Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA ICS-5000 Capillary Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography System (Analytical Instruments)  
3M Company, USA 3M Twin Axial Cable (Electrical Devices)  
U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center, USA All Thermoplastic Composite, I-Beam Design, High-Capacity Bridge System (Mechanical Systems) Rutgers University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Axion International
McLaren Engineering Group
Department of Defense Corrosion Prevention and Control Program
Army Facilities Installation Technology Transition Program
University of Colorado, USA Compact, high-energy density, high-temperature superconducting cable (Electrical Devices) National Institute of Standards and Technology
Varian Medical Systems, USA TrueBeam and TrueBeam STx (Life Sciences)  
WITec GmbH, Germany True Surface Microscopy (Imaging Technologies)  
Xeridiem Medical Devices, USA PleuraFlow Active Tube Clearance System (Life Sciences) Carbon Design Group
Clear Catheter Systems
Y-12 National Security Complex, USA RonJohn Blend (Chemicals) RockinBoat LLC