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The 2002 R&D 100 Award Winners are listed below in alphabetical order by the name of the primary developer company.



Primary Developer

2002 R&D 100 Winning Technology (Category)


Acrion Technologies Inc. CO2 Wash Technology (Environmental Technologies)  
ADE Technologies Inc. X-9 Magnetic Properties Analysis System (Analytical Instruments)  
Advanced Ceramics Research Corp. Fibrous Monolith Composite Ceramics (Materials Sciences)  
Aircuity Inc. AS1000 Indoor Air Quality Evaluation System (Environmental Technologies) Environment Health and Engineering
Amgen SimpleJect AutoInjector System (Life Sciences) Owen Mumford
Argonide Corp. Nanoceram Nanoalumina Fiber (Environmental Technologies)  
Argonne National Laboratory Advanced Electrodeionization Technology (Process Sciences) EDSEP Inc.
Argonne National Laboratory Globus Toolkit Release 2.0 (Software) University of Southern California
Argonne National Laboratory Smart Sensor Developer Kit (Analytical Instruments) General Atomics Corp.
Arryx Inc. BioRyx 200 System (Imaging Technologies) University of Chicago
AstroPower Inc. Apx-8 (APEX) Solar Cell (Energy Technologies)  
Atmospheric Glow Technologies Enhanced Plasma Sterilized Filtration System (Environmental Technologies)  
Battelle Memorial Institute Chromium VI Recover Process (Process Sciences)  
Battelle Memorial Institute Environmentally Friendly Plasticizers for PVC Resin (Materials Sciences) Ohio Soybean Council
Betco Corp. BetcoBest High Performance Floor Finish (Materials Sciences)  
Bioelectronic Micro Systems Inc. Micro-electroporation Chip (Life Sciences) Univ. of California, Berkeley
Bruker BioSpin AG 5 mm TXI 800 MHz High Resolution Cryoprobe (Analytical Instruments)  
Bruker BioSpin AG 600 MHz 1 mm TXI Microliter Probe (Analytical Instruments)  
Calient Networks DiamondWave (Communication Technologies)  
Carbtex Corp. NuGard Personal Protective Equipment (Safety and Security) General Motors Corp.
N & MA Saville Associates
Carl Zeiss Inc. LSM 510 META Laser Scanning Fluorescence Microscope (Imaging Technologies) Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH
Cepheid Cepheid GeneXpert System (Life Sciences)  
Corning Corning OptiFocus Lensed Fiber (Communication Technologies)  
Digiray Corp. ScanRay (Analytical Instruments) Jet Ray Corp.
Dow Chemical Co. QUASH* Sound Management Foam (Life Sciences)  
E Paint Co. EP2000 (Materials Sciences) Cape Cod Research Inc.
Eprogen Inc. ProteoSep (Life Sciences)  
Filmetrics Inc. Filmetrics Scanning Thickness Mapping System (Mechanical Devices)  
Ford Motor Co., Ford Research Laboratory On Board Reductant Injection System (Environmental Technologies)  
Hitachi Ltd. Logic Structure Optimization Tool BN-1 (Software) Hitach ULSI Systems Co. Ltd.
Hitachi Information Technology Co. Ltd.
Hitachi Ltd. Optical Topography System ETG 100 (Life Sciences) Hitachi Medical Corp.
IATIA Ltd. Quantitative Phase Microscopy (Imaging Technologies)  
Idaho National Engineering and Env. Lab Stainless Steel Plus (Materials Sciences)  
Inovati KM Deposition Unit (Thin Film/VacuumTechnologies)  
InPhase Technologies Tapestry Holographic Recording Media (Electronic Instrumentation)  
Iowa State University, Ames PT1 Gene Test for Pig Appetite Regulation (Life Sciences) Sygen International
Keithley Instruments Model 6485 Picoammeter (Eletronic Instrumentation)  
Kodiak Technologies Inc. Kodiak Cold Chain Shipping Container (Process Sciences)  
L-3 Communications Co., Narda Safety Test Nardalert XT RF Personal Monitor (Safety and Security)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory High Throughput Nanovolume Crystallization Robot (Mechanical Devices) Syrrx Inc.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory RAGE Remote Access Grid Explorer (Mechanical Devices)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory In Situ Rolling Circle Amplification Technology (Life Sciences)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Production Scale Thin Film Coating (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies) Veeco Instruments Inc.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Silicon Monolithic Microchannel Cooled Laser Diode (Lasers and Photonics)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Solid State Heat Capacity Laser System (Lasers and Photonics)  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (Life Sciences) Biophysical Laboratory Ltd.
Cyclotec Advanced Medical Technologies Inc.
Los Alamos National Laboratory GENIE Evolving Feature Extraction Algorithms (Software)  
Lucent Technologies Dynamic Dispersion Compensator (Communication Technologies) Bell Laboratories
'OFS Specialty Fiber Devices
Mettler-Toledo Corp., Berger Instruments Berger Prep SFC Purification System (Life Sciences)  
MKS Instruments Inc. MKS PICO Leak Detector (sniffer version) (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies)  
NASA, Glenn Research Center Atomic Oxygen System for Art Restoration (Process Sciences)  
NASA, Glenn Research Center Numerical Propulsion System Simulation NPSS (Software)  
National Center for Supercomputing Applications HDF5 Hierarchical Data Format 5 (Software) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sandia National Laboratories
National Renewable Energy Laboratory High Performance Polyphenylene Sulfide Coating System (Process Sciences) Bob Curran & Sons Corp.
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Ticona Corp.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Nanoceram Nanoalumina Fiber (Environmental Technologies) Russian Academy of Sciences
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Power View Photovoltaic Module (Energy Technologies) BP Solar
Network Elements Inc. Lithium Multi Protocol Module (Communication Technologies)  
Nomadics Inc. Fido Landmine Detector (Safety and Security)  
NPTest Inc. IDS PICA Probe System (Electronic Instrumentation) Quantar Technology Inc.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Any Source Any Position Fluid Handler ASAP (Mechanical Devices) Innovadyne Technologies
Oak Ridge National Laboratory DSI-AIR: Defect Source Identifier Image Retriever (Software) Applied Materials Inc.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL Spiral Notch Torsion Test System (Mechanical Devices)  
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory OmniViz Virtual Translator (Software) OmniViz Inc.
Philips Analytical BV CubiX FAST (Analytical Instruments) Lars Sandberg Analytical Data AB
Phoenix NXVCT Optical Voltage and Current Sensor (Eletronic Instrumentation)  
Pilkington Plc Pilkington Activ Self Cleaning Glass (Environmental Technologies)  
Pinnacle Technologies In/. Treatment Well Tiltmeter Instrument (Analytical Instruments) Halliburton Energy Services
Ploechinger Patent Thermodynamic Inclination & Acceleration Sensor (Mechanical Devices) VOGT Electronic AG
PPG Industries Inc. FrameCoat (Process Sciences)  
Promega Corp. AluQuant Human DNA Quantitation System (Life Sciences)  
Promega Corp. DNA IQ System (Life Sciences)  
Promega Corp. READIT SNP Genotyping System (Life Sciences)  
Remspec Corp. SpotView (Analytical Instruments)  
Research Triangle Institute ANSER Technology (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies)  
Resolution Sciences Corp. RESView (Software)  
ReSyk Inc. TC-350 Compounder (Process Sciences)  
Rigaku/MSC Automated Crystal Transport Orientation & Retrieval (Mechanical Devices) Abbott Laboratories
Sandia National Laboratories Component Analysis Software COMPASS (Software) Thermo NORAN Inc.
Sandia National Laboratories MTR8500 Very Short Reach Parallel Array Transponder (Communication Technologies) EMCORE Fiber Optics
Seeing Machines Pty Ltd. faceLAB (Life Sciences)  
Simplex Technologies Inc. Micro Laser Ultrasonic Bond Detection System (Process Sciences) Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab
National Institute of Standards & Technology
SRICO Inc. Photrodes For Electrophysiological Monitoring (Life Sciences)  
Stolar Horizon Inc. EDIT Horizon Sensor (Analytical Instruments)  
Talking Lights LLC Healthcare Electro-Optical Locator HEAL (Life Sciences)  
Telcordia Technologies Asymmetric Hybrid Energy Storage Device (Energy Technologies)  
Thermo Nicolet FT-Raman View Stage (Analytical Instruments)  
Tiger Optics LLC MTO 1000 H20 (Analytical Instruments)  
Toyota Central R&D Laboratories Inc. Lab Accelerated Weathering with Aq H2O2 Spraying (Lab Equipment)  
Toyota Central R&D Laboratories Inc. QR Code: Quick Response Two-Dimensional Code (Software) Denso Wave Inc.
Toyota Central R&D Laboratories Inc. Super Enzyme System (Process Sciences)  
Toyota Motor Corp. THS-M Toyota Hybrid System M (Energy Technologies)  
Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd. High Resolution Ultrasonic Spectrometer (Analytical Instruments)  
United Technologies Research Center Actively Cooled Monolithic Ceramic Turbine Vane (Mechanical Devices) Honeywell Ceramic Components
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp.
Pratt & Whitney United Technologies
Valtronic USA Inc. CommPort Remote Speaker Microphone (Communication Technologies) Motorola
Vision Research Inc. Phantom v5.0 Totally Digital Motion Analysis System (Software)  
WaveFront Sciences Inc. Columbus Wafer Nanotopography System (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies)  
WaveFront Sciences Inc. Complete Ophthalmic Analysis System COAS (Life Sciences)  
Welch Allyn DuraShock Sphygmomanometer (Life Sciences)  
Welch Allyn Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope (Life Sciences)  
Zygo Corp. Simetra FTP (Analytical Instruments)