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The 2008 R&D 100 Award Winners are listed below in alphabetical order by the name of the primary developer company.






Primary Developer 2008 R&D 100 Winning Technology (Category) Co-developers/Contributors
Absolute Nano SabreTube Desktop Thermal Processing System (Process Sciences)  
Advanced Fuel Research, Inc. Rumble and Screech Spatial Mapping Analyzer Tool (RASSMAT) (Safety and Security) AEDC Air Force SBIR Program
Aerospace Testing Alliance
Analytical Instrument Systems, Inc. AIS ISEA III In-situ electrochemical analyzer (Analytical Instruments)  
Anasys Instruments VESTA (Analytical Instruments) University of Illinois
Applied Magnetics Lab Inc. InfoStroyer 301 (Safety and Security)  
Argonne National Laboratory EnerDel/Argonne Advanced High-Power Battery for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (Energy Technologies) EnerDel
Argonne National Laboratory UNCD Mechanical Seals (Mechanical Devices) Advanced Diamond Technologies
John Crane, Inc.
Ashburn Hill Corp. NuGard First Response Protective Clothing (Safety and Security) Fire Protection & More
Aspex Corp. JEMM Xtreme (Imaging Technologies)  
ATMI AutoClean (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies)  
Babcock & Wilcox Technical Services Y-12, LLC SIMWyPES (Safety and Security)  
Battelle F-LLX: Flotation-Liquid Liquid Extraction (Process Sciences)  
Battelle Bio-based Powder Coating Technology (Process Sciences) Hexion Specialty Chemicals
Ohio Soybean Council
John Deere
United Soybean Board
Battelle Memorial Institute Battelle-RDF: Environmentally Benign and Reduced Corrosion Runway Deicing Fluid (Safety and Security) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Air Force Materiel Command
Air Force Aeronautical Systems Center
Bruker 600 MHz 1.7 mm TCI Micro-CryoProbe with Z-Gradient (Analytical Instruments)  
Bruker SMART X2S (Beam Instruments)  
Bruker 9.4T MRI Mouse Brain Quadrature Cryoprobe (Imaging Technologies)  
C Technologies, Inc. SoloVPE -- Variable Pathlength Extension (Analytical Instruments)  
Carl Zeiss SMT ZEISS ORION Helium Ion Microscope (Imaging Technologies)  
Colorado State Univ. EUVM-1 (Imaging Technologies)  
Corning, Inc. Corning ClearCurve Optical Fiber (Communication Technologies)  
Cummins, Inc. SpaciMS: Spatially Resolved Capillary Inlet Mass Spectrometer (Analytical Instruments) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Queen's Univ. Belfast
Hiden Analytical
Y12 National Security Complex
Dialogic Corp. Dialogic Multimedia Platform for AdvancedTCA (Communication Technologies)  
DuPont Crop Protection Rynaxypry Insecticide (Life Sciences)  
EMD Serono, Inc. easypod (Life Sciences)  
Endress+Hauser Conducta Middle-Infrared (MIR) Spectrometer (Analytical Instruments)  
Engineering Matters, Inc. Fully Flexible Electromagnetic Valve Actuator (Mechanical Devices) Corcoran Engineering
DMF Associates
Pasch Engineering
ENTEK Membranes LLC Xscape Membranes (Materials Sciences)  
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. Harmonic Focus Curved Shear with Harmonic Blue Hand Piece (Life Sciences)  
Fluxion Biosciences BioFlux 200 System (Life Sciences)  
Formulatrix, Inc. Formulator (Life Sciences)  
GMZ Energy Inc. High Performance Thermoelectric Materials (Materials Sciences) Boston College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hinds Instruments, Inc. 2-MGEM, Optical Anisotropy Factor Measurement System (Imaging Technologies) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Idaho National Laboratory Antibody Profiling Indentification -- AbP ID (Life Sciences) Identity Sciences
Gordon Lassahn
Imago Scientific Instruments Corp. LEAP 3000X HR (Imaging Technologies)  
Industrial Technology Research Institute ITRI On-Chip AC LED Lighting Technology (Electrical Devices)  
Intel Corp. Intel 45nm High-k Metal Gate Transistor Technology (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies)  
Intermolecular Tempus High-Productivity Combinatorial R&D Workflow (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies) Loomis Group
Iowa State Univ., Fungal Res. Group MycoMax (Energy Technologies) MycoInnovations
Keithley Instruments, Inc. 4x4 MIMO RF Test System (Electronic Instrumentation)  
Key Safety Systems, Inc. Adaptive Airbag (Safety and Security)  
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. LED Headlamp (Electrical Devices)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley Lab PhyloChip (Life Sciences)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory FastBit Bitmap Index (Software)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Biomimetic Search Engine (Software)  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Nanostructured Polymer Electrolyte for rechargeable Lithium Batteries (Energy Technologies) Seeo Inc.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory SecureBox: National Security Through Secure Cargo (Safety and Security) National Infrastructure Inst.
Secure Box Corp.
U.S. Coast Guard
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscope (Imaging Technologies) JEOL
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Autonomous Alignment Process for Laser Fusion Systems (AAPLF) (Lasers and Photonics)  
Los Alamos National Laboratory 3D Tracking Microscope (Imaging Technologies)  
Los Alamos National Laboratory Laser-Weave (Process Sciences)  
ManTech SRS Technologies CORIN, Colorless Organic Inorganic Nanocomposite, XLS (Materials Sciences)  
Materials & Electrochemical Research Corp. Meltless Formed Alloy Metal Powder (Materials Sciences)  
Milliken & Co. Millad NX8000 (Materials Sciences)  
Monsanto Company YieldGard VT Triple (Life Sciences)  
NASA Glenn Research Center Multidimensional Contact Angle Measurement Device (MCAMD) (Lab Equipment) Ohio Aerospace Institute
NASA Glenn Research Center Simultaneous Non-Contact Precision Imaging of Microstructural and Thickness Variation in Dielectric Materials (Imaging Technologies) Lockheed Martin Space Systems
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Sensor Web 2.0 (Software) SeeqPod Inc.
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
George Mason Univ.
Vightel Corp.
Northrop Grumman Corp.
West Virginia Hi-Tech Consortium
Univ. of Maryland, College Park
Draper Laboratory
Innovative Solutions
NASA Langley Research Center SansEC Sensors (Lab Equipment)  
National Energy Technology Laboratory APECS with ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (Software) ANSYS Inc.
ALSTOM Power Inc.
Aspen Technology Inc.
Carnegie Mellon Univ.
National Energy Technology Laboratory High-Temperature Palladium Sorbent to Remove Mercury in Gasification Process (Environmental Technologies) Johnson Matthey Inc.
National Institute of Standards and Technology Lyman Alpha Neutron Detector (LAND) (Beam Instruments) Univ. of Maryland, College Park
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Inverted Metamorphic Multijunction Solar Cell (Energy Technologies) EMCORE Corp
Air Force Research Labs
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Hybrid CIGS (Energy Technologies) HelioVolt Corp.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Cratos V, nano-wool product derived from carbon nanotubes (Materials Sciences) Babcock & Wilcox
Technical Services Y-12, LLC
Oak Ridge National Laboratory NanoSH Superhydrophobic Technology (Materials Sciences) Ross Technology Corp.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Adaptive Band Excitation Controller and Software for Scanning Probe Microscopy (Imaging Technologies) Asylum Research
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Laser-Induced Fluorescence Composite Heat Damage Detector (Analytical Instruments) Galt Technologies
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Grid Friendly Appliance Controller (Electrical Devices)  
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Multi-Scale Materials: Integrated Processing Method (Process Sciences) Battelle
Univ. of Calif-Santa Barbara
Paradigm Sensors LLC i-SPEC Q-100 Handheld Biodiesel Analyzer (Analytical Instruments) Marquette Univ.
Pfeiffer Vacuum HiPace 80, HiPace 300, HiPace 700 (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies)  
Phenomenex, Inc. Clarity QSP (Analytical Instruments)  
Picarro Inc. Picarro G1101-I Isotopic CO2 Analyzer (Analytical Instruments)  
PicoSolve Inc. PICOSolve Optical Sampling Oscilloscope (Electrical Devices)  
PPG Industries Inc. Green Logic (Materials Sciences)  
PPG Industries Inc. Zircobond Pretreatment (Process Sciences)  
Pursuit Dynamics PLC PDX Wort Heater (Process Sciences)  
QED Technologies Subaperture Stitching Interferometer for Aspheres (SSI-A) (Imaging Technologies)  
S&C Electric Tripsaver Dropout Recloser (Electrical Devices)  
Sandia National Laboratories Xyce 4.0.2 (Software)  
Sandia National Laboratories Silicon Micromachined Dimensional Calibration Artifact for Mesoscale Measurement Machines (Mechanical Devices) ICX Photonics
Sandia National Laboratories Superhydrophobic Coating (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies) University of New Mexico/Luna Innovations, Inc.
Sinmat, Inc. Slurry for Polishing Wide Band Gap Semiconductors (Thin Film/Vacuum Technologies)  
Southwest Research Institute TDRW (time domain random walk) V. 2 (Software)  
Spectra Analysis, Inc. DiscovIR-LC (Analytical Instruments)  
Swagelok Company SAT12 Patented Service Hardening Process (Process Sciences)  
Tennant Company ech2o--Electrically activated water (Mechanical Devices)  
Tessera Technologies, Inc. Tessera OptiML Wafer-Level Camera (WLC) (Imaging Technologies)  
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Scientific NITON XL3t (Beam Instruments)  
Thomson Reuters Thomson Innovation (Software)  
Torion Technologies, Inc. GUARDION-7 GC-TMS (Analytical Instruments) Brigham Young Univ.
Toyota Motor Corp. Crawl Control (Mechanical Devices) ADVICS Co. Ltd.
TSI, Inc. Volumetric 3-component Velocimetry (V3V) System (Lab Equipment) California Inst. of Tech.
University of Michigan XY HiPER-NaP: XY High Precision Extended Range Nano Positioning System (Mechanical Devices)  
Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Smart Segmentation Automatic Contouring Utility (Software)  
Velocys, Inc. Velocys-FT: Fischer-Tropsch Fuels Using Velocys Microchannel Technology (Process Sciences) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
WiTec GmbH Automated Confocal Raman & Atomic Force Microscope -- alpha500 (Imaging Technologies)  
Xceed Molecular Corp. Ziplex Automated Gene Expression System (Life Sciences) MetriGenix Corp.
Catalyst Consulting
Engenuity Corp.
Xoft, Inc. AXXENT HDR X-Ray Source, Model S700 (Beam Instruments)