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The Lead

by R&D

The 2016 Global R&D Funding Forecast is an invaluable resource drawn from the expertise of leaders in industry and academia, and is a public service for policy makers, educators, researchers, economists, innovation leaders, and many others worldwide.

EMD Millipore
by EMD Millipore

This app note outlines an innovative method to statistically quantify and localize carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in cells. This state-of-the-art method can be adapted to a large range of experiments and more specifically could overcome the difficulties of discriminating graphene-based nanomaterials from carbon-rich cell structures.

EMD Millipore
by EMD Millipore

New advances in multispectral imaging have combined the capabilities of microscopy and flow cytometry into a single platform that is used for quantitative image-based cellular assays in large and heterogeneous cell populations. These capabilities can be utilized to measure both BRDU staining and nuclear fragmentation in a TUNEL assay. These new advances will also allow for enhanced utility of TUNEL assays as well as the identification of apoptotic cells by their unique nuclear morphologies.

Horizon Technologies
by Horizon Technologies

Sample preparation is a key part of the analytical process, contributing to reproducibility and accuracy in the final results. The evaporation/concentration step can be achieved with various technologies, including heat, vacuum and blow-down. This webinar will examine the parameters that go into each of these choices and describe criteria to consider in matching the sample to the technique.

Horizon Technologies
by Horizon Technologies

With the requirement to increase testing of agricultural and food products for the presence of aflatoxins, reliable and convenient testing methods that utilize readily available standard laboratory tools are in demand. For the general laboratory, newer technologies for aflatoxin analysis may be financially unattainable. This app note focuses on the innovative method developed to accurately test aflatoxins using general equipment.

by ProtoLabs

Top performing companies are establishing manufacturing supply chain safeguards by partnering with rapid response contract manufacturers in order to mitigate the risk associated with production or shipment delays, and unforeseen swings in demand during multiple stages of the products life cycle. This paper examines 4 areas of supply chain safeguards: • Quoting and design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis • Prototyping • Pilot production and short runs • Bridging to high-volume production

Bruker Optics Inc
by Bruker Optics Inc

Maintaining brand reputation and product quality has led to increased focus on qualifying raw materials and ingredients used in food production. In addition to traditional quality parameters, detection of adulterants plays a critical role in ensuring food safety and quality. FT-NIR spectrometers have become valuable tools for screening almost any raw material for adulterants in an easy and non-destructive way.

Spectro Analytical Instruments, Inc.
by Spectro Analytical Instruments, Inc

Many countries have enacted increasingly stringent food and safety legislations including those that regulate contaminants such as lead, copper, arsenic, tin and zinc. The primary methods, ICP-OES and AAS, for determining contaminant concentrations in food require testing within a laboratory. Portable high –resolution ED-XRF spectrometers bring testing directly to the line, eliminating the time consuming lab-based methodologies.

Spectro Analytical Instruments, Inc.
by Spectro Analytical Instruments

Producers of steel or aluminum sheets often coat their products with metals to protect them from rust and corrosion or add strength. Consistency of coating thickness – commonly referred to as “coat weight” – is vital to successful performance and requires advanced analytical techniques.

by Waters

In this Application note, we highlight the development of an LC method that optimized the Chromatographic resolution for the released N-glycans that are commonly found in mAbs, including the high mannos N-glycan structures that are known to negatively affect circulation half-life as well as indicate aberrant cell culture conditions

Stratasys Inc
by Stratasys

This white paper explores ways to maximize multi-material and color possibilities utilizing 3D printers with the capability to print ready to use models, like the Connex3 Objet500. 3D printing with the ability to use multiple materials and a variety of color choices results in enhanced functionality and product realism that brings parts to life. This White Paper will Cover: Flexible and Ridged Pallets Workflows Color Ranges Workflows Digital Models

by SGD Inc

Today, most gas chromatographs (GC) are connected to one or more cylinders of high purity carrier gas. To achieve better results of their analysis at lower and lower concentration levels, instrument operators opt for ultra high purity gas of 99.999% or better. But just buying the best gas does not solve the problem; you must be able to transfer the gas from the cylinder to the instrument without contaminating the gas. The design of the transfer system is critical.

by Proto Labs

Whether you’re new to the injection molding process or a veteran of manufacturing, Designing for Moldability offers an insightful guide to draft, radii, surface finish, materials and other thermoplastic molding considerations. It’s more than 20 rapid injection molding tips designed to help improve the moldability of your plastic parts.

Sparton Corporation
by Sparton

A complex device requires a robust supply chain. In this White Paper you will learn: • Three things a CM should provide • Three things you should do to ensure a successful strategic partnership with your CM • Three emerging trends in contract manufacturing

Stratasys Inc.
by Stratasys Inc.

How are you evaluating future products that need to be built or assembled by multiple materials?  Are you utilizing a 3D printer which will allow you to create models from investigating concepts to pre-production pilot runs that can cut down design and prototyping time by up to 50 percent?  Learn more in this R&D Tech Talk…

by Stratasys Inc.

Watch the R&D TechTalk as we take a closer look at how to turn your bold ideas into three dimensions, from the initial stages of inspiration to design review of form, fit, and function by using today’s 3D printing capabilities. We’ll take a look at how to 3D print your biggest ideas right on your desktop with the ultimate in precision and versatility.


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