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Android extends dominance in smartphones worldwide

August 8, 2012 8:40 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Research firm IDC says Google's Android operating system has extended its dominance in the smartphone market largely because of the success of Samsung's line of phones that run the software.IDC says Samsung Electronics Co. and other phone makers shipped nearly 105 million Android smartphones in...

New device could improve fiber-optic quantum data transmission

August 8, 2012 7:06 am | News | Comments

Tests performed at NIST show that a new method for splitting photon beams could overcome a fundamental physical hurdle in transmitting electronic data. The findings confirm that a prototype device developed with collaborators at Stanford University can double the amount of quantum information that can be sent readily through fiber-optic cables, and in theory could lead to an even greater increase in the rate of this type of transmission.

Computer models calculate systems-wide costs of gene expression

August 8, 2012 6:16 am | News | Comments

Bioengineers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a method of modeling, simultaneously, an organism’s metabolism and its underlying gene expression. In addition to serving as a platform for investigating fundamental biological questions, this technology enables far more detailed calculations of the total cost of synthesizing many different chemicals, including biofuels.


Caught on camera: Quantum mechanics in action

August 8, 2012 5:59 am | News | Comments

Scientists at the University of Glasgow have captured images of quantum entanglement on camera for the first time. Making use of a 201 by 201 pixel array, the highly sensitive camera observed the full field of the quantum light at the same time, allowing the team to see up to 2,500 different entangled dimensions or states.

New phenomenon in nanodisk magnetic vortices

August 8, 2012 3:48 am | News | Comments

New findings from a team of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Japanese scientists suggest that the road to magnetic vortex RAM might be more difficult to navigate than previously supposed, but there might be unexpected rewards as well. A study at the Advanced Light Source revealed that contrary to suppositions, the formation of magnetic vortices in ferromagnetic nanodisks is an asymmetric phenomenon.

Earnings Preview: Penney to post weak 2Q results

August 8, 2012 3:40 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

J.C. Penney Co. is expected to report its second consecutive quarterly loss and slumping sales, reflecting shopper confusion over its pricing strategy when it releases second-quarter financial results Friday.WHAT TO WATCH FOR: Under its new CEO, former Apple Inc. executive Ron Johnson, J.C....

Witness likens inside info to getting test answers

August 7, 2012 2:41 pm | by LARRY NEUMEISTER - Associated Press - Associated Press | News | Comments

A government informant at the heart of history's biggest insider trading case told jurors Tuesday that obtaining inside information is like getting answers to a school test beforehand."There's no way you can flunk," Roomy Khan told a jury hearing evidence against a San Francisco hedge fund...

Apple to ditch iPhone YouTube app

August 7, 2012 11:41 am | by PETER SVENSSON - AP Technology Writer - Associated Press | News | Comments

Apple says the next version of its software for the iPhone and iPad won't come with a pre-installed YouTube application.Users will be able to play YouTube videos in the Web browser, says Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller. Google Inc., which owns YouTube, is also working on a downloadable app, she...


Audi Achieves Highest Premium Brand Distinction for 2012 Autobytel and AutoPacific Ideal Vehicle Awards

August 7, 2012 10:40 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Audi was named the Highest Premium Brand for the Autobytel and AutoPacific 2012 Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVA). Based on a survey of over 75,000 new car and light truck owners, the IVAs recognize the cars that meet their owner's expectations and desires about their automotive purchases. Contributing...

Study finds correlation between injection wells and small earthquakes

August 7, 2012 6:58 am | News | Comments

The Barnett Shale is a geological formation in North Texas bearing a large amount of natural gas that was difficult to recover prior to recent technological advances such as hydraulic fracturing. A geophysicist at the University of Texas at Austin analyzed seismic data over a two-year period and has found that while proving any one earthquake was caused by drilling is impossible, a connection between earthquake frequency and fracking does exist.

Researchers unlock secret of the rare twinned rainbow

August 7, 2012 6:25 am | News | Comments

Scientists have yet to fully unravel the mysteries of rainbows, but an international team of scientists have used simulations of these natural wonders to unlock the secret to a rare optical phenomenon known as the twinned rainbow. Unlike the more common double-rainbow, which consists of two separate and concentric rainbow arcs, the elusive twinned rainbow appears as two rainbows arcs that split from a single base rainbow.

ShopIgniter Delivers 345% Year Over Year Growth

August 7, 2012 5:41 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Enabling brands and retailers to promote and sell products using social media has proven a compelling combination for ShopIgniter, who announced today that its Q2 revenue grew 285 percent over Q2 2011 and its Q2 recurring revenue grew 345 percent year over year. ShopIgniter, the company behind...

ZyXEL Launches New Palm-Sized Wireless Range Extender

August 7, 2012 4:40 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

ZyXEL Communications, a leading provider of secure broadband networking, Internet access, connected home and routing products, today introduced the WRE2205 802.11n wireless range extender. The device plugs into any electrical outlet and boosts a network's wireless signal to extend...


Teambox Achieves Record Growth in First Half of 2012

August 7, 2012 4:40 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Teambox grows customer base by 350 percent Appoints Dan Schoenbaum as CEO; lands high-profile angel investors from Facebook, Zynga and others Enters hot "notes" market; integrates with Box, Dropbox and Google...

Virtual nanoscopy: Like 'Google Earth' for cell biologists

August 7, 2012 4:23 am | News | Comments

Electron microscopy reveals cellular structures in high detail, but only tiny portions of a cell can be seen at a time. A team of scientists has tackled this problem by developing new tools for stitching together thousands of electron microscopy images into single, high-resolution images of biological tissues—a "Google Earth" for cell biologists. A newly enhanced viewer is available for public use.

Increased productivity, not less energy use, results from more efficient lighting

August 7, 2012 4:12 am | News | Comments

In 2010, Sandia National Laboratories researcher Jeff Tsao and Harry Saunders of The Breakthrough Institute in Oakland, Calif., predicted that light-emitting diodes would have a similar improvement in productivity—but not less energy use—that occurred upon the introduction of the Edison light bulb. Now, they have reprised their report to emphasize conclusions they say were misinterpreted by the media.

Team aims to broaden researcher access to protein simulation

August 7, 2012 4:06 am | News | Comments

Using just an upgraded desktop computer equipped with a relatively inexpensive graphics processing card, a team of computer scientists and biochemists at the University of California, San Diego has developed advanced GPU accelerated software and demonstrated, for the first time, that this approach can sample biological events that occur on the millisecond timescale.

Taiwan exports contract for fifth month in row

August 7, 2012 1:41 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Taiwan's exports fell 11.6 percent to $24.8 billion in July from a year earlier, contracting for a fifth consecutive month amid weak foreign demand for the island's high-tech and other goods.The Finance Ministry said Tuesday that imports declined 3.2 percent to $23.9 billion in July.Exports to...

AOL, Vringo reach partial patent settlement

August 6, 2012 1:41 pm | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

AOL Inc. confirmed Monday that it has reached a partial patent settlement with ringtone company Vringo Inc. related to online search and advertising.The settlement is partial because AOL is still named in the lawsuit as a customer of Google Inc., the main defendant in the patent suit.Filed in...

Quantum insight: Non-entangled states can outperform entangled counterparts

August 6, 2012 9:30 am | News | Comments

Strongly entangled systems, however, are very sensitive to extrinsic influence and difficult to prepare and to control. A team of researchers headed by the physicists Caslav Brukner (theory) and Philip Walther (experiment) at the University of Vienna have been able to show that in order to achieve successful remote state preparation entanglement is not the only way forward.

Riding herd on photons

August 6, 2012 5:51 am | by Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office | News | Comments

In waveguides, such as those used in fiber optics, light has a tendency to reflect backwards, interfering with transmission of data. Today’s optical networks keep light from reflecting backward with devices called isolators. To help enable computer chips that operate with light, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have invented a new metamaterial prevents electromagnetic waves from reflecting backward.

New Magellan RoadMate GPS Devices Increase Driver Safety With Bluetooth 'Safe Texting,' Wireless Back-Up Camera Compatibility and Portrait Mode Viewing

August 6, 2012 5:41 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Magellan, a leader of innovative GPS devices for vehicles, fitness, outdoor and mobile navigation, today announced new Magellan® RoadMate® vehicle navigation devices with innovative features that underscore Magellan's dedication to driver safety and convenience including Bluetooth® 'Safe...

Lenovo unveils lighter, quicker ThinkPad laptop

August 6, 2012 2:41 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Lenovo has unveiled a lighter, quicker ThinkPad notebook computer inspired by the convenience of tablets and smartphones.The Chinese computer maker displayed the new ThinkPad X1 Carbon on Monday and said it would go on sale later this month.A Lenovo vice president, Dilip Bhatia, said it will...

EA sues Zynga claiming copyright infringement

August 3, 2012 10:41 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Electronic Arts Inc. has sued online game maker Zynga saying that its new game "The Ville" infringes its own game, "The Sims Social."EA said Friday that "The Ville" is "unmistakable" in its similarity to "The Sims Social," which launched more than a year earlier. EA says the games are "largely...

Major step taken towards “unbreakable” message exchange

August 3, 2012 8:42 am | News | Comments

Quantum key distribution is not a new phenomenon and has been in commercial use for several years to secure communication networks. Recently, however, single particles of light, also known as photons, have been produced and implemented into a wireless QKD link, transmitting 40 cm through the air.

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