Thermomechanical Analyzers

Mettler Toledo has introduced a new line of thermomechanical analyzers, providing nanometer-resolution length measurements over a wide temperature range. The TMA/SDTA 1 features sample supports and probes that are easy to handle, and intelligent features with One Click operation, ensuring workflows are ergonomic and efficient.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Mettler Toledo has introduced the new DSC 2 with the new FRS 6 sensor, delivering better durability and reproducibility of results. The indium height to width ratio is improved to 19.5 mW/C and a now unprecedented 120 mW/C when applying data optimization.

Ammonia Analyzer

JM Science has introduced the AT-2000 ammonia analyzer based on coulometric titration technology. It can measure ammonium-nitrogen rapidly, accurately and easily without any specific skill by the end-user. The meter has a wide measurement range from low to high end with accurate measurement and is not interfered by turbidity or color of the sample.


Protein Delivery Reagent

BioPORTER Protein Delivery Reagent from AMSBIO is a unique lipid formulation that allows direct translocation of proteins into living cells. It is the first and only lipid-based protein delivery system that efficiently transports proteins into living cells.

Alkali Metals - Cesium, Potassium, Sodium and Rubidium

A.D. Mackay, Inc. is a supplier of Alkali Metals - Cesium, Potassium, Rubidium and Sodium in Glass Ampoules in sizes of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100 gram Ampoules. We remain dedicated to providing the finest high purity materials. When you need Alkali Metals A.D. MACKAY is your best choice.

Bulk Solvent Delivery System

EMD Millipore has introduced the EMD ReCycler bulk solvent delivery system, a service that delivers bulk quantities of solvents in reusable containers based on customer usage. Empty containers are then removed, cleaned, and refilled. Most solvents, solvent blends, and grades that come in traditional bottles are available through the EMD ReCycler system.


Portable GC

New Star Environmental has introduced the Frog-4000, a fully contained purge and trap gas chromatography (GC) system. The handheld GC is designed for real-time portable analysis of VOCs in water, soil and air. The unit can be used as a portable GC PID for environmental testing in the field, in a mobile lab, portable lab or in a commercial environmental lab.

Ultra-high Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled a new high performance liquid chromatography system, the Vanquish UHPLC. The monolithic case contains an instrument that combines the ruggedness of an integrated system with the flexibility and serviceability of a modular system. Vanquish stands about 25% lower than comparable modular stacks for safety and convenience in the laboratory.

Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has recently launched the GCMS-TQ8040 with Smart MRM, which helps provide high-efficiency sample throughput, fast and easy method development and low detection limits. The new instrument enables analysis of more than 400 compounds in a single MRM run.


Manufacturing Data Measurement Software

Hexagon Metrology has introduced PC-DMIS 2014, a major release of measurement software used for the collection, evaluation, management and presentation of manufacturing data. New innovations include productivity enhancements and quick access tools.


Pipetting Tracking Software

Artel has introduced ArtelWare, a software application for use with the MVS Multichannel Verification System. ArtelWare enables MVS users to track and manage the performance of their automated liquid handlers over time. ArtelWare aggregates the standardized measurements from the MVS for a user’s liquid handlers, providing detailed, actionable performance information and a new level of insight for the management of these laboratory tools.

Software Platform for Life Science Research

Leica Microsystems has introduced the Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence (LAS AF), a software platform for advanced life science research in widefield and confocal microscopy, in its 4.0 version. With LAS AF researchers can perform 2-D image analysis on multi-channel experiments and control the environmental conditions of an experiment.


Non-destructive Acoustic Metrology

Rudolph Technologies, Inc. has announced the availability of its new SONUS Technology, designed for measuring thick films and film stacks used in copper pillar bumps and for detecting defects, such as voids, in through silicon vias (TSVs). It is a non-contact, non-destructive acoustic metrology and defect detection technique that is designed to be of higher resolution, faster, and less costly than alternative techniques.

Thermocouple Amplifier Signal Conditioner Module

The Sensor Connection has expanded its line of measurement and control instrumentation with the addition of the model TCA-MS-K-8-A4. This 8 Channel Type K Thermocouple Amplifier Module converts the low output voltage signal from 8 Type K thermocouple probes to 8 independent linearized 0 to 5 VDC output voltages.

75 Ohm F Attenuators

Pasternack Enterprises, Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has announced its expanded line of 75 Ohm F attenuators. This new line of F-type attenuators is designed for broadcast, HDTV and satcom applications in the L and S microwave bands up to 3 GHz.


High-performance, Multi-position Reaction Block

The DrySyn MULTI from Asynt converts standard hotplate stirrers into high-performance reaction blocks accommodating three round-bottomed flasks or up to 12 reactions in tubes or vials. The DrySyn MULTI's combination of flexibility, productive performance and safety is suitable in R&D departments for parallel synthesis as well as in teaching and open-access laboratories, where a single compact reaction station can provide heating facilities for several users.

Laboratory Ventilation Products

Hemco Corporation

HEMCO Corp. offers fume hood exhaust blowers, ducting and components, HEPA and carbon filtration, fume scrubbers and manifold systems. Fume hood blowers are designed to exhaust corrosive fumes, humid or polluted air, gases and odors. These blowers are in coated steel or PVC, in standard or explosion proof models.

Digital Gear Pump Drive

With a larger, brighter interface, analog remote control and simple programming, the Cole-Parmer Digital Gear Pump Drive for Micropump A-Mount pump head is easy to operate for automated process applications. Users can simply set time delay between cycles for hands-free dispensing.


Multi-channel Dimming Receptacle

TE Connectivity is debuting its ANSI C136.41 compliant solution for the electrical and mechanical interconnection between a photo control cell and a street lighting luminaire at the Light+Building show in Frankfurt, Germany. The ANSI C136.41 dimming receptacle is pre-configured with wire leads to allow for ease of integration into a new or existing outdoor lighting fixture.

Building Information Modeling Software for the Cloud

Graphisoft this week announced its upcoming BIMcloud Solution in the presence of selected international journalists and top Japanese AEC companies. BIMcloud is a full-fledged building information modeling (BIM) collaboration platform allowing teams of any size to collaborate on native BIM data in real-time.

Laboratory Storage Cabinets

Lista International Corp. offers durable storage solutions for dental, medical, and other laboratories. These solutions include base cabinets, wall cabinets and overhead storage built into workstations.


Non-destructive Acoustic Metrology

Rudolph Technologies, Inc. has announced the availability of its new SONUS Technology, designed for measuring thick films and film stacks used in copper pillar bumps and for detecting defects, such as voids, in through silicon vias (TSVs). It is a non-contact, non-destructive acoustic metrology and defect detection technique that is designed to be of higher resolution, faster, and less costly than alternative techniques.

Universal Grinder

Shigiya (USA) Ltd. now offers its versatile and precise GSU Series of universal grinders. For versatility, the GSU features a wheelhead NC swivel function, which enables the operator to select from 9 different wheelhead installation patterns.

External Laser Scanner

Hexagon Metrology has announced a new generation of external laser scanner for use with the new ROMER Absolute Arm. The Hexagon Probe Laser 20.8 (HP-L-20.8) replaces the CMS108 laser scanner, offering improved performance even on complex surfaces and work pieces made of the most challenging shiny materials.


Crystal IS introduces Optan LED technology

Crystal IS has introduced Optan, the first commercial semiconductor based on native aluminum nitride (AIN) substrates. Optan increases detection sensitivity from monitoring of chemicals in pharma manufacturing to drinking water analysis.

Permeation Standards for Trace Light Hydrocarbons

Kin-Tek Laboratories, Inc.

Trace concentration mixtures of C1 to C3 hydrocarbons, normally not available in permeation tubes, can be prepared using KIN-TEK Laboratories Inc.’s FlexStream + Flex GF gas standards generator and Series 57 Gas Fed Permeation Tubes. Dynamically mixed concentrations from less than 10 ppb to over 1,000 ppm are available with a single dilution for pure compounds.

Gas Purifier Cartridge

SGD Inc. has introduced its 8010 gas purifier and cartridges used for the removal of impurities from gases. Standard cartridges are filled with 13X molecular sieve, 4 A molecular sieve or activated charcoal. Cartridges with other purifying media are available on request.


Energy Storage System

Schaefer Inc. has announced the new SCS family of air- or liquid-cooled energy storage solutions for mission critical or remote location requirements that need to perform under extreme environmental conditions. The SCS has a maintenance-free design that offers the ability to provide highly reliable energy storage as a standalone solution or to extend the battery life of an existing storage solution.

Two-axis Stepper Motor

Zaber Technologies’ A-MCB2 Series controller is now capable of controlling and driving two axes of bipolar stepper motors or actuators independently or in coordinated 2-D linear and circular interpolation. It also now includes built-in path generation algorithms that obey acceleration and velocity constraints, and enable 2-D linear and circular interpolation.

3-mm Piezoelectric Actuator

Viking AT LLC has introduced its latest Amplified Piezo Actuator that uses the Viking ViVa piezo technology. The ViVa 3-mm amplified piezo actuator is designed to replace many solenoid applications. With mechanical displacement of up to .039 in and a blocking force up to 1.1 lbs, the device offers a solution to the solenoid with 98% less power consumption.


Deep-cooled OEM Spectroscopy Camera

HORIBA Scientific

Horiba Scientific has introduced the Syncerity back-illuminated, deep-cooled CCD camera with an NIR-enhanced 2,048 by 70 sensor. This CCD sensor is designed for companies requiring an affordable OEM camera for VIS-NIR spectroscopy applications.

Stereo Microscope Objective

Leica Microsystems has introduced the new Leica Planapo 2.0x CORR objective for the Leica M series stereo microscope, specifically for the use with specimens immersed in aqueous solution. With this objective, users can obtain pin sharp visualization of specimens with up to a 5 mm water column between the specimen and the objective.

Nanoscale Chemical Mapping System

Bruker has announced the release of Inspire, the first integrated scanning probe microscopy infrared system for 10-nm spatial resolution in chemical and materials property mapping. The new and unique Inspire system incorporates Bruker’s proprietary PeakForce IR mode to enable nanoscale infrared reflection and absorption mapping for a wide range of applications.


Multi-channel Temperature Recorder

TandD Corp. has introduced the MCR-4TC multi-channel recorder, a four-channel, battery-operated temperature data logger. The data logger runs on two AA alkaline batteries and supports thermocouple types K, J, T, S and R. Up to four units can be coupled together, making it possible to simultaneously measure and record up to 16 channels.

Bar Code Scanner

SICK has announced the launch of the CLV610 fixed-mount 1D bar code scanners for warehouse and distribution center applications. The CLV610 is a compact, industrial, laser-based scanner that is ideal for short reading distances with a large reading field height.

Thermocouple Probes

Omega Engineering’s M12LCP series of thermocouple probes with high-temperature M12 molded connectors are available in standard and metric sizes. This series features type J, K, T, E thermocouple calibrations, single- and dual-element configurations ungrounded junctions and a -50 to 260 C (-58 to 500 F) connector temperature range.


Corrosion Testing Services

Cascade TEK
Cascade TEK is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited by A2LA to perform a wide variety of industry test standards for Salt Fog, Salt Mist, Salt Spray and Cyclic Corrosion testing. Multiple corrosion chambers, accellerated weathering. Lab locations in Oregon and Colorado.

Environmental - Reliability Testing

Cascade TEK
Cascade TEK operates A2LA Accredited and ISTA Certified environmental test facilities in Colorado and Oregon. Equipped with a full range of climatic and dynamic test capabilities. Including: •Vibration, Shock and Impact Testing •Package Testing & Transportation Testing •Salt Fog & Cyclic Corrosion Testing •Temperature & Humidity Cycling We are experts in MIL-STD, DO-160, ISTA, SAE, IEC and ASTM requirements.

Chiral screening service

Phenomenex Inc. announced a Chiral Screening Service for customers in pharmaceutical and natural products research and development.


Deep-cooled OEM Spectroscopy Camera

HORIBA Scientific

Horiba Scientific has introduced the Syncerity back-illuminated, deep-cooled CCD camera with an NIR-enhanced 2,048 by 70 sensor. This CCD sensor is designed for companies requiring an affordable OEM camera for VIS-NIR spectroscopy applications.

Workstation for High-speed, Multi-component Analysis of Amino Acids

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced the UF-Amino Station, an LC/MS amino acid analysis system developed jointly with Ajinomoto Co. Inc. Offering simultaneous multi-component analysis, the UF-Amino Station can analyze 38 amino acids in nine minutes, enhancing laboratory throughput.

Plasma Diagnostic System

Hiden Analytical, Inc.

Hiden Analytical’s Hiden EQP plasma diagnostic system is a research tool derived and enhanced for plasma researchers, providing mass and energy analysis of both positive and negative process ions together with measurement of neutral species.


Hardness Test Pen

The TQC Hardness Test Pen from Paul N. Gardner Company is a pocket instrument for testing the hardness and wear/scratch resistance of materials such as coatings, lacquers, plastics or related products. A tungsten carbide tip is drawn over the surface with a defined constant pressure. A visual mark on the surface after use indicates a fail of the surface hardness or wear/scratch resistance.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Zeiss Industrial Metrology has introduced the ZEISS CONTURA, a coordinate measuring machine platform for flexible, reliable quality assurance. The ZEISS CONTURA is in tune with requirements, sensors are available in the direkt, RDS and aktiv versions.

Ultrasonic Sensor

Pepperl+Fuchs has introduced its Series IO Ultrasonic Sensors. These IO-Link-compatible sensors are versatile, featuring simple pushbutton programming that provides fast, easy on-site sensor parameterization without requiring any software.


Rotary Evaporator

KNF Neuberger has introduced its RC 900 Rotary Evaporator, designed to simplify rotary evaporation and enhance safety in the laboratory. The RC 900 provides laboratory personnel with a combination of high-performance functionality and a simplified user experience, from an instrument that remains whisper-quiet and requires minimal space on the laboratory bench.

Multi-gauge Controller

The Kurt J. Lesker Company has announced the addition of a new multi-gauge controller to their pressure measurement product line. The MGC4000 multi-gauge controller has the ability to display pressure measurements from up to 10 different vacuum gauges simultaneously.

Diaphragm Pump Provides Adjustable Vacuum Performance

KNF Neuberger’s N 920 KT.29P diaphragm vacuum pump provides laboratory technicians with adjustable vacuum performance, without the need for lubricating oil or recirculating water. The standalone pump provides quiet function with long product life in myriad laboratory applications, ranging from challenging rotary evaporation to simple filtration.

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