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Manual Inflating Sample Bag

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 9:16am

VeriAir Flex Manual Inflating Sample BagNew Star Environmental has introduced the VeriAir Flex manual inflating sample bag. The VeriAir Flex is suitable for emergency response situations, where an atmospheric air sample can be collected in a hot zone and then moved to a safe zone to be tested with a portable gas chromatograph or other analytical instrument. The patented design allows an atmospheric grab sample to be collected directly without the need for a calibrated sampling pump or other equipment. The bag is made of durable, analytical-grade, multi-layer foil. It requires no maintenance and no batteries to charge or replace and has a built-in volumetric pump and valve that allows users to rapidly and easily inflate and expel air several times before sample collection. The VeriAir Flex sampling bag is rated for temperatures of up to 176 F or 86 C. The multi-layer bag material is rated at 5,800 lbs tensile strength, is suitable for light-sensitive compounds and offers excellent barrier properties.

New Star Environmental,


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