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Vacuum Jacketed Reactor System

Wed, 06/04/2014 - 2:57pm


By reducing heat loss and heat gain the glass vacuum jacket enables faster rates of heating and uses less energy to cool the system. Also, lower temperatures can potentially be achieved in comparison to vessels without a vacuum jacket. In addition, the vacuum jacket provides excellent reaction visibility and reduces condensation—staying ice-free to -50 C.

The ReactoMate Reactor System is a safe and stable laboratory reactor. Compact in design, the ReactoMate accommodates vacuum jacketed reactors from 50 ml to 10,000 ml and delivers precise control of reaction variables. Support systems for ReactoMate are constructed using stainless steel and aluminium components to ensure stability. Larger vessels (3,000-10,000 ml) are additionally supported at the base of the reactor to enhance safety. Set-up is simple and the compact, ergonomic  design of ReactoMate ensures that the unit takes up as little space as possible in a standard fume cupboard, while maintaining convenient access to the reaction vessel. An optional facility to adjust height during operation means that additions can be made easily and space is allowed for draining the vessel contents.

The ReactoMate Reactor is part of a comprehensive system which includes a range of stands, a choice of jacketed vessels and ancillary equipment. Heating/cooling circulators are available to match customer specifications and overhead stirrers with flexible coupling options can also be provided.



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