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Two-axis Stepper Motor

Wed, 06/04/2014 - 2:52pm


Zaber’s A-MCB2 Series controller is now capable of controlling and driving two axes of bipolar stepper motors or actuators independently or in coordinated 2-D linear and circular interpolation. The controller now includes built-in path generation algorithms that obey acceleration and velocity constraints, and enable 2-D linear and circular interpolation. Lines, arcs, and circles can be drawn using simple commands; the A-MCB2 automatically buffers streams of commands and generates 2-D paths with seamless transition between line segments.

The A-MCB2’s two axes are capable of independent and pre-emptive motion with trapezoidal velocity profile, and each is equipped with its own quadrature encoder and multiple limit sensors. The controller also provides four channels each of isolated digital input, isolated digital output, and analog input.

An intuitive ASCII protocol makes the controller easy to program and script for. The event-driven trigger system also allows the device to be programmed for stand-alone operation based on I/O, time, or movement stimuli. Multiple mounting options to panels, breadboards, lab benches, and enclosures enable easy setup and configuration.

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