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High-performance Atomic Force Microscope

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 9:35am

MFP-3D InfinityOxford Instruments Asylum Research has introduced the MFP-3D Infinity atomic force microscope (AFM). The MFP-3D Infinity features a large 90-um stage and entirely new control electronics that are located close to the AFM for fast, low-noise performance. Flexible signal switching and programmable logic enable future expansion options. The head and scanner offer improved sensor noise and higher bandwidth for improved force control and faster imaging. Top and bottom view optics provide a large field of view and diffraction-limited resolution for pinpointing feature on a sample. The GetStarted feature intuitively and automatically sets tapping mode imaging parameters such as setpoint, gain and scan rate based on a sample’s roughness and cantilever calibration. GetStarted uses a robust predictive algorithm so accurate data is produced from the very first scan line without the potential of tip and sample damage that is common with other optimization routines that assist with scanning.

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research,


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