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Atomic Force Microscope

Wed, 12/04/2013 - 9:46am

Agilent 7500 AFMAgilent Technologies Inc. has introduced its 7500 atomic force microscope (AFM), an advanced instrument that achieves atomic resolution imaging with its 90 um AFM closed-loop scanner. The microscope platform is designed to extend the frontier of atomic force microscopy for academia and industry by offering high resolution and precise environmental and temperature control. The 7500 AFM has an integrated environmental chamber that provides an easily accessible, sealed sample compartment isolated from the rest of the system. Humidity and temperature sensors in the chamber track conditions in situ; oxygen and reactive gases can be easily introduced into and purged from the sample chamber. An optional sample temperature controller for the 7500 allows precise control from -30 C to 250 C, with suitable resolution to match experimental requirements.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,


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