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X-ray Microscopy Solution

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 9:19am

Zeiss Xradia 810 UltraCarl Zeiss has introduced a new x-ray microscopy (XRM) solution that increases throughput for 3-D imaging at the nanoscale by up to 10 times. Using a series of technical innovations to achieve better contrast, and in turn faster acquisition, the Zeiss Xradia 810 Ultra expands the x-ray imaging model in scientific and industrial research laboratories. The microscope operates at 5.4 keV, a lower x-ray energy that delivers better contrast and image quality for many materials. The Xradia 810 Ultra architecture features a new source energy, using innovative optics to extend the capabilities of the Xradia Ultra family, which achieves resolution down to 50 nm. Along with nanoscale resolution, Xradia 810 Ultra leverages both absorption and Zemike phase contract and advanced optics adapted from the synchrotron to deliver high resolution and contrast.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy,


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