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Subminiature Pressure Transducers

Thu, 07/11/2013 - 11:05am


Featuring 1% accuracy, Honeywell Sensing and Control’s Model S Series of subminiature pressure transducers fit into tight spaces with little clearance, and accurately measure pressure ranges from 100 psi to 15,000 psi.

These gage-only transducers are designed to handle high pressure and temperatures, with a high natural frequency and flush diaphragm for applications such as engine and transmission test stands, pressure brake testing and hydraulic sensor testing.

The Model S has a high natural frequency and utilize a flush diaphragm that is manufactured from 17-4 PH stainless steel. Temperature compensation is accomplished by using temperature-sensitive components located inside the transducers. These transducers have a small electrical zero balance circuit board which is in the lead wire. This balance board does not have to be in the same temperature as the transducers. All transducers have four active bonded strain gages arranged in a Wheatstone-bridge configuration.




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