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Sample Prep Workbench

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 9:36am

Agilent Sample Prep WorkstationAgilent Technologies Inc. has introduced new features to the 7696A Sample Prep Workbench chromatography sample preparation system.

The new features include: WeightStation, whose high-precision weighing capabilities meet ASTM and EN petrochemical analysis standards; new liquid chromatography vial racks that enable direct placement of vials onto the autosampler to eliminate the possibility of vial placement and transcription errors; and Dilution Wizard, which speed method development, minimizes mouse clicks and automatically creates a series of standards for calibration curves and other repetitive dilutions.

The workbench eliminates the need for reinjections due to missed steps in sample preparation. It requires only small volumes of chemicals and solvents, produces less waste and does not require glassware other than sample vials. Automated sample preparation provides consistent sample processing. The instrument can fit in most fume hoods and reduces human exposure to hazardous chemicals and reagents.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,


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