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Thermogravimetric Analyzer

Fri, 02/01/2013 - 8:30am

Mettler Toledo's TGA 1Mettler Toledo has introduced a dedicated thermogravimetric analyzer, the TGA 1. The sensitive instrument facilitates the characterization of plastics, elastomers, thermosets, and other materials, and can measure up to 50 million resolution points continuously down to 0.1 ug for a 5-g sample weight. The instrument requires no weight range change when switching between small and large sample sizes.

The heart of the TGA 1 is its weighing cell. Internal calibration ring weights built into precise micro and ultramicro balance allow users to perform measurements with a high degree of accuracy. Its modular design increases flexibility and ease of use. Efficient automation for sample handling and a variety of furnace/crucible sizes help broaden its application range. Results are analyzed using STAR software.

To further ensure accuracy, the TGA 1 has a precisely defined furnace atmosphere. A horizontal furnace design minimizes possible turbulence caused by thermal buoyancy and purge gas, while a gas-tight cell that can be purged with a defined gas atmosphere offers unambiguous information and quality results.

Mettler Toledo,


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