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Miniature CCD Spectrometer

Wed, 02/06/2013 - 9:44am

VS7000-CCD-HS Mini CCD SpectrometerHoriba Scientific has introduced its VS7000-CCD-HS (high-speed) Mini CCD spectrometer, which offers coverage for three spectral ranges: UV-VIS (200 to 860 nm), VIS (380 to 750 nm), and UV-NIR ( 200 to 1,050 nm).

The spectrometer offers a high full well of 200ke-, yielding excellent SNR ratio (500:1) and dynamic range (6,000:1). Its sturdy single optic design with concave grating offers high light purity. It has no moving parts or shutter, suiting it for OEM integration. It comes with LabView acquisition software. LabView Vis and DLLs are available for OEM integration and customization.

When needed, the CCD can be replaced with a CMOS PDA detector with full wells ranging from 100Me- to 1Ge-, for applications such as liquid chromatography and spectrophotometry, which require high SNR.

Horiba Scientific,


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