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High-Brightness Gas Ion Gun

Thu, 02/21/2013 - 9:55am

Hiden IG20 Hiden Analytical's Hiden IG20 high-brightness gas ion gun has been enhanced with the introduction of a new beam optic and ion source configuration to enable both increased beam brightness and beam contrast, together with a reduction in ultimate spot size.

With a raster scanner area of 4 by 4 mm, the IG20 is suited to depth profiling and to surface imaging applications, and is the preferred gas ion gun for secondary ion and secondary neutral mass spectrometry, for Auger and for XPS. Parameter selection and gun operation are fully under PC control, and the gun is operable with both oxygen and with inert gas primary sources.

Two interchangeable ion sources are available for operation with the same beam optic configuration. One is optimized for general analysis with maximum brightness and a beam current of 800 nA, one is optimized for high dynamic range depth profiling applications with minimized beam scatter and supporting a beam current of 200 nA within a beam diameter of just 80 micron.

The IG20 ion gun is differentially pumped and includes full raster scanning, incorporation of a neutrals dump, DN-35-CF (2.75-in dia.) Conflat-type mounting flange, and simple replacement of the ion source yttria-coated iridium twin-filament.

Hiden Analytical,


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