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Thu, 02/07/2013 - 8:33am

Horiba DeltaDiodeHoriba Scientific has introduced the Delta Series, a new generation of time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) fluorescence lifetime systems.

The Delta Series features an advanced TCSPC system controller, a wide array of sources (up to 100 MHz operation), wide lifetime ranges (ps to sec), unlimited configurability with the F-Link plug-and-play architecture, and advanced lifetime modeling software. The systems include DeltaPro, a simple-to-use filter-based lifetime system with performance that rivals most high-end systems. DeltaFlex, a modular system, integrates excitation and emission monochromators, an array of source, and detectors, for flexibility.

The DeltaPro takes advantage of interchangeable pulsed laser-diode and LED light sources. The NanoLED and DeltaDiode range of sources cover discrete emission wavelengths from 250 nm to the near-infrared, and enables measurement of lifetimes from ps to us. By adding a SpectraLED source to the system, phosphorescence lifetimes of us to 1 sec can also be measured.

DeltaFlex offers flexibility. The system is designed to measure luminescence lifetimes ranging over 11 orders of magnitude, without the need to change cables or cards. Comprised of high-repetition rate sources, high-speed detectors, and ultralow deadtime electronics, the DeltaFlex enables fast and efficient acquisition of lifetime data. Its F-Link bus brings simplicity and modularity, allowing users to add any component to the instrument as required by the experiment. The system detects the new addition and makes it accessible from the software. The DeltaFlex system uses an interchangeable range of DeltaDiode excitation sources or NKT Extreme supercontinuum lasers, DeltaHub timing electronics, and PPD picosecond detection modules.

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