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iPad Application for Mass Spectrometry

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 9:09am

Overlap Evaluator iPad ApplicationThe Overlap Evaluator iPad application from Hiden Analytical is a reference tool for users of mass spectrometers operating in the fields of vacuum science and vacuum processing, and for researchers using real-time gas analysis systems. The evaluator enables the user to create a mass spectral overview of multiple fragmentation spectra to identify the mass peaks with least spectral interference and therefore most suited monitoring, and includes a quick mass peak look up table from a library of common gas and vapor species.

Based on the Hiden QCA quantitative gas analysis system software, up to 16 gas and vapor species can be added to an analysis setup. On adding the gases and vapors of interest, the mass spectrometer overlap evaluator automatically provides a simulated analysis and displays the mass peaks together with any spectral overlaps. A spectral viewer is included to provide a histogram display of the simulated spectrum of the selected analysis.

The concentration levels for each component in the simulation mix can be adjusted, to provide a representative simulated mass spectrum of the users' selected gas and vapor mixture.

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