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Fume Hood, Room Controllers

Fri, 01/18/2013 - 10:04am


Triatek 1655 SeriesTriatek has introduced a new line of controllers—the 1655 series. Similar in capabilities to the 1650 line, the 1655 provides enhanced environment control through Safety Halo technology.

With the Safety Halo technology, employees are no longer required to stand directly in front of the controller in order to see the status of a fume hood or room. Triatek has managed to increase the status notification viewing angle to 180 degrees for its controllers using edge lighting. This feature allows staff to check status both at a glance and down the hall, and is fully programmable. Intensity can be set based on lighting conditions and the Safety Halo itself can be programmed to only be active during certain hour of the day.

The 1655 Series also features an updated graphical user interface. New “action icon” clearly indicate the status of a fume hood or room and displays if corrective action is required.



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