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Benchtop Robot for Automated Workflows

Tue, 01/15/2013 - 8:35am

VALetThermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has introduced the VALet, a benchtop robot enabling simple, configurable laboratory automation. Adaptable to user demands, VALet has been designed to allow multiple hotel positioning for customizable, high-density microplate movement and storage, which can increase productivity in a limited workspace. With four-axis plus servo-gripper, and the capacity to access both single and multiple arrayed nests, VALet is a suitable robot for instrument loading functions.

The robot features a flexible design and on-board re-grip station, which allows the high-capacity microplate storage to be placed either on the left, right, or at the front to optimize fit in the laboratory. User-defined choices also include random or sequential storage access, giving a capacity of up to 45 or 120 microplates, respectively. The robot's design also enables the quick addition of connecting carousels, which can be mixed and matched to provide enhanced storage and workflow capacity tailored to specific requirements.

VALet users also benefit from the integration of Thermotor technology that allows the robot to be controlled directly from a computer without the need for additional controller.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.,


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